February 6, 2023

I’m Wondering Just How Messed Up This Place Really Is

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These people serving the fallen angel, Satan are capable of anything. They’d do this. They’d all do it. They would deceive you with fake events, fake deaths and actors playing various roles in entertainment and politicos if they had the means, the material, the unlimited resources to do such things as this, I’m calling it domestic espionage crisis acting social engineering. They can fake history, fake actors personal history. The possibility is real.  If there is any truth to this then I’m glad they did not slaughter this guy as they lead us to believe they did. These people have no conscience no honor and are not man, men or women or woman nor anything decent or kind. They hate their brother. They are indeed sickos. Every possibility of deception by Satan and Satanists must NOT be under estimated. Wickedness such as this should not be under estimated nor should we forget that Wickedness has no LIMITATIONS.. Nothing is beneath wicked people such as these.