December 8, 2022

Environmentalism’s Dominionist Agenda Exposed

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Highly Accurate Opinion Piece, All the world is a stage, all of the politicos are actors participating in crisis acting social engineering; What they have done, the deception they have maintained is beyond imaginable and is so horrific it is even unbelievable for me when I know without a doubt it is all true. Everything outside of the legal structure of their family owned business where they have made everything and everyone not of their family property. Resources, human and otherwise disposable property.

By There is No Debt-Six Honest Men


“Sustainabilities murderous depopulating ambitions…has always continually conformed to a uniform and miraculously exact lockstep approach in contriving to combine pretended solution for the world’s economic problems created by the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s bankers lie of economy, with that of environmental concerns in the guise of sustainable developments murderous depopulating, impoverishing and enslaving new environmental economy “–
“When we understand the necessity to prevent discovery of the Self-Ennobling Ones confiscatorybankers lie of economy and the single solution to it through Mathematically Perfected Economy, and ‘where’ their lie operates, and that ownership of all countries as wealth fleecing business corporations belong to the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy, we can see why it is that despite the differing working approaches to preserving the environment that people develop, approaches that work for the betterment of the environment and themselves,sustainabilities murderous depopulating ambitions has prevented them, and has always continually conformed to a uniform and miraculously exact lockstep approach in‘contriving’ to combine pretended solution for the world’s economic problems created by the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s bankers lie of economy, with that of environmental concerns in the guise of sustainable developments murderous depopulating, impoverishing and enslaving new environmental economy, that agree in‘exactly’ the same way for their solution across the world in reflecting a single mind-set even across population groups of people at different locations in the world, with different outlooks and conflicting interests, and furthermore, even more so strangely, with so-called political representatives of different countries at loggerheads with each other and on the verge of war,agreeing with sustainabilities murderous depopulating, impoverishing, and enslaving new economic enivronmental programme for all the people of the world.

How can this be so, unless of course all countries are compelled to respect a higher authorities wishes as property to those wishes. And that clearly means the ‘staged theatre’ of countries being somehow independent from each other and reflecting their governments governing by the consent of the people is exposed as but a sham.

We can then see and understand that the military and other public servants of all countries will be used to implement sustainabilities murderous programme when we take a cursory glance at key documents, and recognize the fabrication of events to allegedly defend people from the Self Ennobling Ones own sponsored terrorists with a loss of freedoms, as well as their parallel fabrication of events leading towards chaos and war, that simply further targets people as the enemy on behalf of the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s fear of theirconfiscatory bankers lie of economy being discovered; with all this done in order to clear the way for depopulating the planet that is in no way remotely overpopulated, perhaps then we can wake-up and alert each other in our own defense against the machinations of controlled insanity.

We must be mindful of ample evidence that has clearly shown, and continuous to do so, ‘key crucial events’ towards escalating significant phases in the implementation of sustainability, hidden from prying eyes with the use of double-speak and the distraction of fabricated disruptive events.

As the near-future ‘full implementation’ of sustainability and its call for destruction and depopulation approaches ever closer, huge clues are given to people facing imminent demise, when we ‘see’ some of those tasked with sustainabilities implementation distancing themselves when they finally come to realise what is required of them, that is to say, mass murder of people in general as the enemy.

Such events that warn people of near-future and imminent danger to their lives can be seen signaled in the media, with excuses to events given that somehow seem unconvincing or very odd indeed.

When the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy are made aware that significant events, or people, may derail their plans and make them obvious, any number of distractions are called for and put into operation by their employee corporate executive ‘acting politicians’ of their corporate countries, so that the Self-Ennobling Ones underlying hidden agenda is kept confused. This forms their modus operandi to confuse people and to continue concealing their plans from being understood by a broad enough populace that may unify in objecting and interferingdefensively to their plans.

Here then lies the necessity for the use of the strategy of ‘divide and conquer’, by setting a common populace at each others throats with theatrical fabrications as events that are designed to distract people away from the real underlying issues, using the able assistance of the Self-Ennobling Ones key political ‘actors’ as agents who understand that their roles scripted for them they previously played, may change when called to do so.

Perhaps it can now been seen why the owners of corporate countries, with the use of their distractive strategies of divide and conquer, can drive people at each others throats, or have them at the very least look in the wrong direction, by setting the stage for their key political actors to be scripted according to a different role as necessity requires. In this way the broader populace are discouraged from scrutinizing more closely an issue or issues exposing imminent danger to their well-being and lives, preventing them from waking up and unifying in defending themselves against a serious threat –”—Six Honest Men

To Summarise

What is being seen is a scheme of permanent confiscation decided on, long ago, with its ‘continuity’ of depopulation-planning, via:

– chemical warfare against people in the guise of:

vaccinations as poisonous contaminates precipatating desease,

the release of laboratory deseases requiring further vaccine contaminates,

corrupted medical institutions owned by the Self-Ennobling Ones chemical-pharmaceutical industries that provide unnecessarily dangerous cocktails of chemical-pharmaceuticals as medication, and

chemical and genetic attacks on dietary needs and the consumption of provisions, that together, all shorten longevity and precipitate further desease;

– pre-staged chaos to then excuse a loss of freedoms that sponsored terrorism had been tasked with; and

– the Self-Ennobling Ones political executives of all their corporate countries in agreement to coordinate the preplanning, re-hearsal and the build-up of military troops and exercises for precipatating world war, with the excuse provided to the wider world of, having to take the necessary defense measures against hostile provocations that have as their ulterior motives the acquisition of territorial control and resources by terroristic invasive means, which of course in reality forms the bases of excuses for further accelerated depopulation of people as targets in world war, all for the purposes of, working in parallel and concealing through Chaos,

the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy’s wealth confiscating bankers lie of economy that has automatically and irreversibly terminated the world’s economy in its deliberate designs as a confiscatory mechanism, to be this time replaced, finally, with a long ago preplanned scheme euphemistically termed, ‘sustainable development’, with its land-grabbing feudal ‘rewilding’ new environmental green economy put in the place of the bankers lie of economy, and justified on the bases of a pseudo-scientific climate change ‘fraud’ that deprives people of not only the use of carbon-based energy for their needs and growth, which of course, has been excused through a ‘conjured’ climate change ‘lie’ that determines carbon dioxide is now a pollutant, when in fact it has always been known as, and is, and will always remain a nutrient for vegetation, and continuing from there, a scheme for the purpose of, having the temerity of considering indirect drivers (people) to be pollutants as the enemy of divine-man (being those to be found ‘in their God’s grace’), and the environment, because indirect drivers exhale carbon dioxide as a by-product of metabolism in the conversion of energytaken from food to keep them healthy.

What is being seen then, is a depopulating scheme that has now confidently phased itself into a global administrative supreme bureaucratic ‘will’, as a false rule of law, entitled to operate only across the fictitious jurisdictional territories of all private corporate fictitious countries and not the jurisdictional territory of the physical world, for the imminent and final stages of ‘action’ into itsOrder of feudal-technocratic enslaving governance of the entire world on behalf of its owners will, by confiscating the physical world having permanently usurped ‘freewill’ given to people as their Father’s Will. So it seems.

A usurping ‘will’ that replaces and banishes Our Father’s dominion over the physical world and His Will for that world given to mean ‘freewill’ without the payment of wealth as tribute, with that of the ‘will’ of the Self-Ennobling Ones and their self-validating clergy and having to pay as tribute the price of wealth confiscation through their bankers lie of economy that can only be met by their sustainable developments murderous depopulation and permanent micro-managed enslavement.