December 18, 2017

Actor Ed Harris Playing His Son of God Role

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SUN behind the head while signing the COSMOS… Playing this fake death up for all it’s worth. All News Is A Movie.. Is Theatre of lies.



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    Eddy, knock it off Eddy.

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  • RattlerRider

    Why point this out you might be wondering? Because it is possible, it is doable, and because those with the power to deceive would do this to you in a hot new york minute. And I think they did it. I’ve thought this was fake from the get go. Especially because the COTUS history backing this all up is legally and historically fake.

  • RattlerRider

    Son of God

    To many historical dates and mathematical masonic coincidences in this psyop.

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    1/25 Robert Burns Night (Burns night). In the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is a cave that belongs to the local Freemasonic lodge, The Robert Burns Lodge no.97. This cave is a well-known Masonic ritual site marked with the compass and square and filled with rows of seats. Robert Burns ritual took place on January 25, just a day before the group had a run in with the feds and suffered the alleged death of Finicum. Eddy Harris.This lodge would have most definitely held a ritual on that night at their lodge named in tribute to the Scottish Masonic poet. In the background of this Masonic ritual, there is a satanic ritual going on called the Grand Climax, starting January 21st and ending January 27th. This ritual requires initiates of these diabolical societies to offer a blood sacrifice. It is no coincidence that Finicum – Eddy Harris was allegedly murdered on January 26th, one day before the end of the Grand Climax and the day after the Robert Burns ritual. Both of these Satanic holidays can be seen in this 2016 calendar. You folks that do not understand these religions are being played hard. This event was intricately designed by none other than the Freemasons, and LaVoy Finicum seems to have been okay with “dying for the cause” from day one. Or he was acting. So a “Robert was killed again? Hmmm.. To many convenient masonic coincidences going on.

    Robert = 33 (In Pythagorean Gematria)

    Oregon is the 33rd State

    33 is the number of Freemason obsession.

    Notice the lone death in this story is ‘Robert LaVoy Finicum’… no coincidence.

    *Oregon is also the only state with a gematria of ’74’.

    Masonic = 74

    Jesus = 74

    Cross = 74

    Gospel = 74

    Messiah = 74

    Joshua = 74 (English translation)

    Y’Shua = 74 (Greek spelling)

    Oregon = 74

    Think about Jesus and age 33… on the cross…

    English = 74

    Gematria = 74

    This nation’s birthday… 7/4…

    We live in a gigantic masonic creation, from spirituality, to science to nations.

    They are deceivers.

    1/20-1/27 Grand climax (blood rituals) in Satanic calendar: conjuration of Talal, a warrior demon

    1/24 Vasant Panchami: Hindu: Worship of Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, ancestor worship

    1/24 Full Moon

    1/24 Tu B’Shevat (Jewish celebration of spring) Begins in the evening

    1/25 Robert Burns Night (Burns night)

  • RattlerRider

    Burns Paiute Tribe Holding Post-Militia Cleansing Ceremony


    Indigenous Turtle Islanders religion derives from Babel along with others. Some of these religions are now extinct, but in general the practices were spread all round the world and we see them practiced in OUR TIMES. Just Babylonian SUN worship. This is why they lost their lands in the first place, their paradise lost, to others from Europe. Now those others are losing their lands today. Because they worship false gods. Demons.

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