October 4, 2022

The Buffalo Slaughter in YNP is WRONG

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Why won’t the majority of the hunting community back up the Buffalo Field Campaign? Because of their Western Watersheds Propaganda. Because of their anti wolf management policies and dishonesty and because they’re in bed with anti hunting groups. And because their web site the Wildlife News has  become a bully pulpit for anti hunting advocates, and disinformationists. That at least is my personal reasons.  And you have various self appointed agents arguing and condemning others opinions on various news outlets when you at the Wildlife News don’t clean up your own house of fools posting ridiculous and redundant flaming untruths. Can Ida Lupine write you up a ten thousand dollar check? No I didn’t think so..

“Wolf policies in Idaho are deplorable. It’s all about maintain a high elk and deer population for the hunters. Horrible.”—Craig Hiler

So this guy prefers wolf farming over elk farming.. Ok got that.. And wolf farming using the Trophic Cascade doctrine of scarcity is best.. Ok, yeah we’ve been hearing you and we don’t like that idea so much..

This is an incorrect belief, easily disproven using science, mathematics, and historical documentation within the hunting regulations over a twenty years, book by book analysis.  And it gets a pass by people that know it is not accurate. But since it serves their agenda they let lies like this flourish.. At least they try it.. It’s not working. This claim would be laughed out of a court room.  Since management of the hunting model began in Idaho there has never been a reduction in hunting opportunity until seven years ago of the magnitude of loss we have seen in the elk hunting zones. IDFG used to sell 12,ooo+ elk tags for the Sawtooth Zone. around 2,ooo elk were harvested.

For several years now they have cut off unlimited elk tag opportunities in that zone and now sell a limited number on a first come first served basis. 1526 hunters have been harvesting 200-300 elk.  IDFG’s official reason for doing this, deservedly so because I live here and know the unit quite well, and the wintering ranges, the migratory routes, the reason, wolf predation on cow and calf elk. And Obviously on bulls as well. The trophy class bulls that always made it past the hunters and wintered where we could go see them did not make it past all of those wolves. Especially in the deep snow.  

The wolf slaughter we observed here first hand with our own eyeballs was real. The wolf experiment in Idaho proved without a doubt wolf density has limits.  We should thank people like Craig and Ida for showing the world, that being dead wrong and dishonest at the WLNs web site is their MO. They have no credibility.  Thank you Craig and Ida for helping us expose the WLNs propaganda.  The place has become the bully pulpit for liars and complete fools pushing an anti hunting agenda.

As a hunter who appreciates a full freezer I’d love to see elk and buffalo herds expanding their range because maintaining large herds of ungulates is a good thing for bears, cougars, wolves, wolverines, and me…

Hopefully someday the backwards thinking in YNP, government in general, and the Wildlife News will become a thing of the past.. A future where people realize division destroys everything. A future where the realization that selfishness in wanting it all your way is not going to work.  The all our way or the highway for you mentality of the Wildlife News has choked them out..