December 2, 2022

Maine Heads Toward Cesspool of Fake Wildlife Management

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History repeats itself…that is when idiots fail to learn from what happened in their past to ensure we don’t screw it up the same way again. I’ve seen this action before and – I must inject “I told you so” here – it comes as no surprise that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, perhaps one of the last bastions of hope that wildlife management would remain a normal scientific enterprise and not a socio-political one, has taken a step in the wrong direction. It was good while it lasted.

Blame whomever you would like as to why Maine buckled in to the pressures from the socialist/totalitarians, so as to craft wildlife management goals based on the demands of the general public over science.

I’ve provided history on this subject in the past, and I have doubts anybody listened or gave a rat’s asset about it. Perhaps one day, when this nonsensical crap comes home to roost, a hunter will say to his children or grandchildren, “Yeah, we used to hunt for meat because it was good.”

I’ll spare the morbid details, of which most readers will be glad for (if they even read at all). During the 1970s the Environmental Movement took over the state’s fish and game departments. This is why we saw a domino effect of name changes from titles like “fish and game” to “natural resources.” How this happened was partly due to an organization called the National Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies – now simply called Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

They first stole Pittman-Robertson and Dingle-Johnson excise tax money by convincing Congress, under false pretenses (maybe) to run their organization and assist other states with fish and game projects. Today, they use the exact same money that sportsmen pay in taxes to create programs that war against hunting, fishing and trapping. I’d suggest readers go look this information up, but you won’t. Sorry, that’s my mood today.

One of those efforts was to convince every agency to change their names and become more environmentally friendly (spelled anti-hunting, fishing and trapping). Their plans have succeeded. And now, we see the results of their efforts, along with the mentally depraved and deprived environmentalists and animal rights idiots who want a say in the management of wildlife – to hell with science. Perhaps this editorial will help you understand better.

Do we blame the wildlife biologists and the commissioner? Not completely, but they could pretend to put up some resistance. After all, whether they realize it or not, their jobs and pensions are at stake. They probably can’t and won’t see it as such. Instead, we should blame ourselves, because we blindly and lazily did nothing and do nothing. Recent surveys reveal the ignorant complacency of the sportsmen who bow down and worship this transformation into a useless, totalitarian, bastardization of biological science – an expression of socialism bought and paid for through the implementation of “Bread and Circuses.” Cicero would be proud. Blind ignorance.

This book has been already written, but Mainers and her leaders are gaga over this action by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) to bring in representatives of as many facets of Maine life as are possible in order to take comment on how many deer, moose, butterflies, plovers, cockroaches and rats would make them happy. With no scientific training in scientific wildlife management, how in hell would any of these people know what is best? We are at a point where we don’t care. We don’t think. We have been brainwashed to think that creating groups and meetings and discussing political views and selfish viewpoints is where it’s at. The more opinions, based on ignorance and romance biology is what’s best. I think the very ignorant call this compromise, reaching consensus, kind of like global warming.

Seriously, one HAS to ask themselves, if this is the way of the future, then let’s shut down the entire MDIFW and either let Mother Nature raise hell with the ecosystem or each election cycle the commissioner of Bread and Circuses can formulate a ballot and let the people vote on it. In the long run it will be easier to just turn those animals over to the king. (For those who don’t know, this has been done before.)

For anyone who cares, let me tell you the next series of steps the Maine people will ignorantly take in this matter. As the social pressures mount and each successive biologist who enters the MDIFW is a more staunch environmentalists and animal rights advocate, this will force MDIFW to grant the squeaky wheel the grease, wildlife management will become a non-scientific, socio-political tool. Progressives see falling into a septic tank as better than returning to what history tells us has worked. The next step will be another series of meetings, or perhaps Maine will do as Idaho did and craft a fake symposium, bringing all the “stakeholders” (stakeholders are anybody the environmentalist and their movement want in order to better control the outcome.) to decide a “better” way to fund the soon-to-be-named department of natural resources. These efforts are rigged (Refer to the Delphi Technique.)

With new funding – and Maine hears sportsmen pounding their bully pulpits demanding general tax money to fund the department – the department will be run by someone who just a few years ago (maybe some will remember) was a member of the Humane Society of the United States and headed up a referendum to ban bear hunting. Yep, that’s what it will be. But they will promise to give hunters, trappers and fishermen “opportunities” if they are deemed necessary. Sportsmen will cower and walk away, some escaping in their row boat, because motors will be banned. Not all sportsmen will have row boats because the excise tax to register them will be unattainable by most. That excise tax will hire more environmentalists to watch the milfoil, count bats and make sure every Maine pond has at least one family of loons. It will also help fund campaigns to promote death and destruction caused by man.

What was once a fish and game department will be an animal welfare and protection agency that doesn’t have a damned clue how to go about dealing with rabies, mange, winter ticks, extirpation, starvation, disease, viruses, or predator attacks on humans – that’s how Mother Nature does it.

If this is the direction Maine wants to go, then I strongly urge that citizens could save millions of tax dollars by eliminating the MDIFW and shifting a position to Head Wildlife Monitor within the Department of Environmental Protection. For issues like dealing with animal attacks on humans, wildlife diseases, general animal nuisances and auto collisions, Maine citizens just need to suck it up and deal with. We must learn to coexist with filthy, wild, animals.

Obviously nobody at MDIFW sees the writing on the wall, which is a direct threat to their jobs and pensions. There’s only one thing worse than a useful idiot and that’s one that works at their own demise.

Wildlife management is a scientific process and should be treated like one. Odd isn’t it that the real conservationists, the sportsmen, recognize this and, for the most part, are willing to make certain sacrifices for the health of the animals. I fail to see other groups willing to chip in or even have an interest in understanding what science has to do with it.

Socialism = What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.

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