January 31, 2023

Canada Lynx in Maine: Dumb Is As Dumb Says

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Tired of hearing one more idiot talk of the viable reasons Maine should give up, or allow to have taken, more than 3 million acres of forest land, unfortunately we are subject to another ignorant speech about why giving all this land to the Federal Government is going to protect the Canada lynx. When will this garbage end?

The author of an opinion piece, says that the number of lynx in Maine has fallen, “from 1,000 individuals a few years ago to now around 500 to 750 ghost cats.” Is that so? If this is so, then why not provide that scientific data to substantiate the claim? That’s easy to answer. There is no data. Statements like this are pulled out of thin air (or other areas of human anatomy) and repeated….therefore it must be true?

I happen to know, from a very reliable source, that biologists, at least in some government positions, have been told to never state there are more than 500 Canada lynx. That 500 number is magical and insures that money continues to flow for studies and the protections for the cat, needed or not, continue. So long as there’s money to be made, there will never be more than 500 Canada lynx.

The truth is, there is yet to be any hard data to substantiate any claim to the Canada lynx population in Maine. Unofficially, (and with no official data) it has been stated often that Maine has the highest population of Canada lynx than any other state of the Lower 48 – because Maine has snowshoe hares and no other reason.

The other ignorant comment made by the author is, “the Canada lynx population has fallen as a result of accidental trapping deaths and habitat loss from selective logging in the North Woods.” Only a person without a clue, could make a statement like this. If the Canada lynx population has fallen, as the author claims, it wouldn’t be because of the planted, 4, dead lynx in traps that triggered the implementation of the agreement in the Incidental Take Permit that required trapping to be reduced to exclosure traps. On the contrary. All conditions being the same, I’m sure the lynx population continues to grow and will grow until the snowshoe hare disappears. History proves that.

And what of that habitat? Does the author even have a clue about what kind of habitat is good for the lynx? Has the author ever talked with any real expert or done any research? Doubtful. The Canada lynx prefers the snowshoe hare to eat. Where the habitat is good for the hare, it’s good for the lynx. It’s good, right now or has been, because of the millions of acres of forest that has been cut and was cut in the North Woods to mitigate the last outbreak of spruce budworm. It made prime habitat for the snowshoe hare. The hares moved in and flourished, followed by the Canada lynx. When the hares are gone, so will the lynx.

However, ignorant people, like the letter writer, will blame it on logging and trappers because that’s the romance biology they have had shoved down their throats since birth. Unable and incapable of thinking for themselves, they simple open their mouths and swallow.

The truth be know, more than likely, a 3.2 million acre wilderness Federal Park would be the worst thing for the Canada lynx and other species. But don’t go look! Don’t think for yourself! Don’t do any research yourself! Just accept the lies you are told and then make a public display.