June 30, 2022

An Environmentalist Conspiracy Theory

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Do cattle ranchers and the hunting community have a stranglehold on the federal and state governments and control those agencies sciences, taxonomy, biology, and contract law? No of course not. Such claims are complete ridiculous nonsense, not to mention illegal.

What have I been saying for years? That the writer of the contracts, the USFS or BLM or Whoever Federal agency, runs the show. Not the rancher, not the farmer, not the logger, not the miner. As the WLNs and WWP liars would have you believe.. So who is ultimately responsible for mismanagement of grazing? Logging? Farming? Mining? The Parens Patria Big Daddy that writes up the contracts and makes sure all contracting parties follow them to the letter.. No fixing this or that up because it should be done.. Oh no, none of that.. And then these same agencies managed fire suppression.. By letting it all burn down.. What do the enviro fools do? They blame the sub contractors instead of the Big Daddy Federal contractor in charge of all subcontractors. How do I know? First hand experience and observation while working with and witnessing logging and grazing sub contractors taking orders from federal agents over seeing their operations.

“As a former career BLM and Forest Service employee who was directly involved in making sure timber sale contracts were adhered to, I take exception to the above quote. First, I was told clearly from the top that loggers were neither my friend nor foe and I always kept a professional relationship with them and yes I made sure they followed the requirements of the contract to the letter. I believe we had a good relationship BECAUSE they respected me for my ability to hold them responsible (instead of looking the other way). There may be those few locals that mock federal employees, but I have NO DOUBT the majority of ranchers, loggers, miners and expect to be held responsible and have little use for those that are willing to look the other way and allow laws to be violated. They just want to be treated the same as the next company and yes federal employees do get paid enough to make sure they do their job. Of course you have to have a professional attitude and conscience that directs your life.”—Gary Humbard – comment was made at the WLNs

The federal government is a corporation, and in this country is the superior corporation. All subject corporations bow their knee to their parent corporate master. Federal means corporate. All actions on all public lands have always been managed by the federal government. Any non contractual compliance by any public lands user even if the user believed the government managers were in the wrong causes immediate cancellation of any existing contract. The federal government makes the deals writes the contracts and enforces all practices the sub contracting party agreed upon. Thus all responsibility for any misuse of public lands falls on the corporate entity holding the Parens Patria position, the corporate federal government. Making patsies out of ranchers is simply proving ones ignorance of the federal corporate contractual reality involved. Like so many other u.s. citizens the “militia” people misinterpret their legal standing and entitlements in this country. None of you are “We The People” nor of the “Posterity” of who those signatories that established this federal corporation actually were then, and are now.

“We the People” pertains primarily to the signatories, a deal they all went in on together. The United States of America is a British plantation formerly referred to as the American Colonies. Their reason for doing this was to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves (meaning them, the signatories) and our Posterity. (meaning their Posterity, their offspring) Posterity, all the descendants of a person in a direct line to the remotest gen POSTHUMOUS CHILD 920 POTENTIAL eration. [Breckinridge v. Denny, 8 Bush (Ky.) 027] When they use capitalization it changes the meaning of a word. Thatcapitonym, that Capital “P” in Posterity, it’s for emphasis. It’s a “direct line” to a proper noun, a direct descendant, because in the language procedure if I capitalize the first letter in the middle of a sentence like that, then I am not referring the general definition. I can’t be, which only leaves what remains, a Bloodline.This is all just family owned corporate business… And as Carlin stated, you ain’t in it.

It is apparent THAT MOST WLNS commenters are not concerned with learning and clearly most of them suffer some sort of psychological disorder that makes them incapable of staying on task.  There is no way to reason with people like that. Experts at idiocy at best.

The Conspiracy of environmentalist scientism based in monkey science theories never ceases to make me laugh…It is interesting that this whole cult has sprung from the Royal Society of London.

Claiming that grazing affects all other uses of public lands, and causes potentially irreversible damage to native wildlife and vegetation is highly exaggerated by anti grazing groups..Correctly done grazing enhances wildlife and vegetation.. The Parens Patria, the Federal government, the over seer of the public lands makes the contracts thus manages the grazing. The ranchers do what the feds tell them to do or they lose the lease. Grazing is not being done correctly. The controlled opposition environmentalists groups come along and blame the ranchers. They even try and claim the ranching community controls the federal governments grazing programs. That is complete nonsense. They break the ranchers and the government purchases the private land holdings thus increasing its land holdings. Its a beautiful scam and the controlled opposition enviro group helps it along.

Congress Assembled IS a CORPORATION. The CEO is the President. The states joined that CORPORATION as a satellite corporate entity fully under congressional jurisdiction the minute they agreed to any federal or state contract in joining the federal union. The estates gave sovereign authority over themselves to the federal government. 


All the States are listed as a political subdivision of Congress Assembled. That means the parent corporation, Congress Assembled owns the State corporations that joined its union. Who are the States? Simply another group of men called “Legislators” or “General Assembly” the exact same as Congress Assembled only in miniature. Going around stating that the federal government must be in control of the states is a misnomer as the federal government does in fact control the states and everything the states do is federally approved.  Who holds the title of Allodium to this Continent? The owner corporate owner of the federal plantation. That corporation gets a cut of everything each estate profits in. 

No subject rancher farmer or hunter has a stranglehold on this corporate entity. Quite the reverse in fact would be the case.

The anti grazers defined;

Adductive Reasoning
Deductive, inductive or adductive reasoning may be utilized in order to reach the required result (Nonaka & Konno 1998:43).
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(transitive, intransitive) To litigate again; to sue or pursue legal remedy a second or further time.
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adjective: fond of or causing heated arguments.
“a congenial hangout for disputatious academics”