November 28, 2023

Peasant Brooders Available From Gamebird Foundation

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Hi All.
The Gamebird Foundation has a couple of Brooders for raising baby pheasant chicks.  One is a 6 foot brooder with an 8 foot enclosed run.
The other is a 8 foot brooder with an 8 foot enclosed run.  Both have either electric heat or we have propane heaters and tanks.  They also come with automatic waters so you only fill every couple days.  The 6 foot will handle 100 baby chicks and the 8 foot will handle 150 baby chicks.  The Gamebird foundation will lone the brooder and we will furnish you with baby pheasant chicks.  We have starter feed for the chicks.  We pay $20.00 a bag. It takes 5 bags to get the birds to 4 weeks old.  If you need help with the cost of the feed the Gamebird Foundation can help.  We will give you all the help with what knowledge we have to get you started.  We have some large soft release pens that you can put them in after 4 weeks to keep till they are another 2 to 4 weeks old.  You can contact me at 208-883-3423, or email me at
The Gamebird foundation needs a feed grinder.  We are a 501©3 Corp.  If you have or know of some one that has one we could give a tax right of for it.  If you want to donate some cash for feed we can give a tax right off for your donation.  It looks like this year we will raise and release about 6000 birds.  Some of the birds you are seeing now are birds that have been raised and released.  If you notice the roosters are much darker.  The birds we release are what are called the Kansas Hybrid.  The ring around their neck is wider than the roosters of old.  Baby chicks started coming from the incubators this week.  We will wait a couple more weeks here in the Palouse.  Down in the valley you can start any time.