December 15, 2017

HSUS’ Hansberry Named to Bear Management Subcommittee

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More proof that fish and game management is going the way of the Environmentalists and Animal Rights extremists – Katie Hansberry, head of the Maine division of the Humane Society of the United States has been named to sit on a black bear management subcommittee for 2016. This committee is at least partly responsible for devising a 15-year management plan for black bears in Maine.

For those not exactly familiar with the name, Hansberry has headed up efforts to end bear hunting, trapping and baiting. And Maine has elected to place her on a committee that will influence the 15-year management plan for black bears, which will include recommendations in that plan for establishing bear hunting, trapping and baiting rules and regulations?

Does this make any sense?

Of course not, but Maine is also filled with fake “sportsmen” who think that we should hold hands with people like Hansberry and “work with them” in order to “compromise” on game management and natural resource uses.

Why does it make any sense that an animal pervert, who gets paid handsomely to be an animal pervert, that despises hunting, trapping, baiting and fishing, and works continuously to end it all, be placed on a committee that would not exist if not for the efforts and taxes paid by outdoor sportsmen who understand wildlife conservation? Why are and why should sportsmen agree to this? Why don’t they speak up and voice their disapproval? They must approve, don’t care, or don’t know.

I have written in the past about how all plans, nationwide in America, are geared toward the destruction of game management, including hunting, trapping and fishing. I have explained about the ongoing efforts and influences of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, who conned Congress into stealing funds from Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson, to operate their anti hunting, trapping and fishing campaigns, disguised as wildlife management. This, combined with the brain-rot garbage being taught to wildlife managers and biologists in our colleges, is the formula the Environmentalists have been waiting for in order to end hunting, trapping and fishing and lay the groundwork to shut down the forests and fields – an effort that will lead to their own destruction and yet they cannot see it.

Rome burns and idiots sleep!

I have expressed concern that Maine is going in the same direction as all the other brainwashed environmentally controlled wildlife agencies. Here is the proof.

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  • Gene N Jen

    Unreal just makes no sense

  • Tw

    Who was the brain child that made that selection to the committee. I want to puke!!

  • John W. Chapman

    Who is responsible for putting a vegan in charge of the butcher shop? A name or names would be useful. Then we can ask that person “why”? “What were you thinking?”

    • TRemington

      John, I’m trying to find out who actually made the appointment. For right now, I am assuming that Woodcock either made the appointment or approved of it.

      • Matt Whitegiver

        Have you found anything out Tom?

        • TRemington

          No I haven’t. It seems nobody “official” wants to talk about it, but many want to get her off the committee. Unless I hear differently, I’m going to guess it was Chandler Woodcock who made, or at least approved the appointment. What we don’t know is what kind of pressure was put on IFW to place her there.

          Past history has shown that it doesn’t take much pressure to influence IFW decisions. Just the passive threat of a lawsuit is enough.

          • Matt Whitegiver

            The optimist would hope that is was some strategic move. Either way the ramifications could land unfavorably for both sides. Who knows maybe they can convert her. LOL…She’s not stupid and she will be inundated with sound logic and science…Guess I’m the optimist 🙂

          • Chandie Bartell

            Don’t count on it.

  • Only positive about this is that the anti’s (which includes HSUS) argument that they don’t have a voice or input into this is now irrelevant. She may be the lone dissenting vote, but they do now have a voice and input. It is unlikely, but maybe she might actually learn something of how the real world and nature work, that it is not as Disney portrays it. Of course she’d have to have an open mind and actually consider the facts as shown by years of research and experience…………….

  • maineguide

    As one person noted, this would be like putting the Westborough Baptist Church on a committee created to plan funerals for soldiers, law enforcement and LGBT community members, or putting “Black Lives Matter” members on a committee with anything to do with police issues. I doubt if she is a Maine resident anyway.

  • limestone uncensored

    Where is the Governor on this!!!

  • Matt Whitegiver

    Blindsided and Dumbfounded !! … I was at the public meeting on Bear management just 2 shorts weeks ago with half the people on that member list and heard nothing about this. All I can hope is that someone feels if you have a mad
    dog, best to keep it close with a collar on it so you can shock the
    S#*T out of it when it gets ugly. But that’s my very optimistic

    • I did hear a little about it in talking after the meeting. You are not far off the mark Matt, as far as the mad dog. Anything that comes out of the subcommittee will also have her name on it, whether she agrees or not. She will have had an opportunity for input. “They” now have a voice in the process, which nullifies one of their arguments about no representation……..

    • Gene N Jen

      I think we need to have a petition to have her removed in the interest of wildlife management.