December 18, 2017

Rome vs. U.S.

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Rome vs. US = A very excellent read;

And further more;

The first function of the founders of nations, after the founding itself, is to devise a set of true falsehoods about origins – a mythology – that will make it desirable for nationals to continue to live under common authority, and, indeed, make it impossible for them to entertain contrary thoughts – Forrest McDonald (E Pluribus Unum)

Researching historical man made law which all goes against Biblical Law which makes me wonder how “Christians” beguiled by Churchianity and governments operating to this day using those anti Biblical Laws supposedly enlightened with the Yeshua-Christ consciousness are so blind and participate in such legal scientific political philosophies embroiled in anti Biblical Law when our Lord told us to get out of her that we not suffer her plagues. We know who the god of this world’s kingdoms is thus we know who’s anti Biblical Laws these man made laws belongs to. The Devil, not our Heavenly Father. The legal documents of this speak for themselves and for the authors of such who benefit from them while mankind repeatedly is conned by them and suffers. Hopefully this current exercise in man made legal deceptions is mans last opportunity at self governance.

Acilian Law on the Right to Recovery of Property Officially Extorted, 122 B.C. Agrarian Law; 111 B.C. The Athenian Constitution Charter of Urso, 44 B.C. Code of Hammurabi Edicts of Augustus and Decree of the Senate on the Judicial Process in Cyrene, 64 B.C. Julian Law on Agrarian Matters, 58(?) B.C. Law of Caesar on Municipalities, 44 B.C.  The Twelve Tables; 450BC



Ecclesiastical Empire  And The Shetar’s Effect on English Law (From ‘The Georgetown Law Journal by Judith A. Shapiro – 1983)



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    War Powers Under the Constitution of the United States

    By William Whiting

    The American admiralty, its jurisdiction and practice: with practical forms …

    By Erastus Cornelius Benedict's+on+Admiralty&pg=PR1&hl=en#v=onepage&q=Benedict's%20on%20Admiralty&f=false

    By definition a constitution is the obligation of a debt. If we had a prior agreement and you default and then decide to not pay as well as ignore the dishonor. The debt does not go away, you don’t need to show up to confirm this. Your silence is then acquiescence. Or we can go back further where a constitution is defined as the law promulgated by the roman emperor… Further etymology shows that just the fact that the prefix ‘con’ is in the word indicates a contractual relation. More appropriately I believe the term is Compact, but it still all comes down to agreement and treaty, which uses contract language.

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    The Treaty of 1783 was drafted under the law of nations which actually was the cause of the creation of the Constitution of the United States with the King still in the passenger seat telling the driver what, why, when, where and how to drive. Then all States that joined the Union were compelled to change their constitutions, which most drafted right at the year 1776, just before, and right after, the Declaration of Independence. And, the majority of the people then just loved it to know end, just like the stupid people of today. You see It was Patrick Henry and all those other anti-federalists that warned we were under a monarchy if the Constitution was passed, and they did not listen. Much is the same today with only a handful of us preaching the same as over 200 years ago. They all wanted to be a “member of a social community” back then as now.. Roman Social Justice from the start..

    Blackstone’s Commentary

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    Chap. 8] OF PERSONS. 299-300

    XVI. The next branch of the king’s ordinary revenue consists in forfeitures of lands and goods for offences; bona confiscata, (’49) as they are called by the civilians, because they belonged to the fiscus or imperial treasury; or, as our lawyers term them, forisfacta; that is, such whereof the property is gone away or departed from the owner. (50) The true reason and only substantial Found of any forfeiture for crimes consists in this; THAT ALL PROPERTY IS DERIVED FROM SOCIETY, being one of those civil rights which are conferred upon individuals, IN EXCHANGE FOR THAT DEGREE OF NATURAL FREEDOM WHICH EVERY MAN MUST SACRIFICE WHEN HE ENTERS INTO SOCIAL COMMUNITIES. If therefore a MEMBER OF ANY NATIONAL COMMUNITY violates the fundamental CONTRACT OF HIS ASSOCIATION, by transgressing the municipal law, HE FORFEITS HIS RIGHT to such privileges as he claims by that contract; and THE STATE MAY VERY JUSTLY RESUME THAT PORTION OF PROPERTY, OR ANY PART OF IT, WHICH THE LAWS HAVE BEFORE ASSIGNED HIM. Hence, in every offence of an atrocious kind, the laws of England have exacted a total confiscation of the movables or personal estate; and in many cases a perpetual, in others only a temporary, loss of the offender’s immovables or landed property, and have vested them both in the king, who is the person supposed to be offended, being the one visible magistrate in whom the majesty of the public resides. The particulars of these forfeitures will be more properly recited when we

    treat of crimes and misdemeanors. I therefore only mention them here, for *the sake of regularity, as a pan of the census regalis; and shall postpone for the present the further consideration of all forfeitures, excepting one species only, which arises from the misfortune rather than the crime of the owner, and is called a deodand.(51)

    “[Also concerning those things which are accounted waifs, as of beasts of the plough, where the owner does not appear, and which were formerly the property of the finder by natural right, belong now to the king by the law of nations].”

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    U.S. Citizens need to wake up and finally realize they are British Colony slaves to the Temple Bar of New Jerusalem in the square mile Banking Cartel City of London, New Venice (Britain). The Congress and U.S. political parties all answer to New Venice.

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    re public = re publicanii

    publicanii ..where the wholesale tax collecotrs for rome …formed the memebrs of the senate with the equitas : ( modern day esquires of the court )

    even the state is a fiction only pertains to the boundary on teh land mass…the e(s) tates of ROME

    the administration of this fiction emtity is delegaed to the icorporated S_tate…

    they outsource the administration to a jural society ..they are roman tax collectors..

    the funding of the State is provided by the crown’s bankers(doing Gods work: GOd is the Pope) through a lien on the womb : matrimony held in trust through the marriage : husband is the bonded house manager of the matrimony

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    Most of the pages in Elements of Ecclesiastical Law refers to canon law, jus particulare does not, it refers to the justice system/laws used in the United States. Maritime Admiralty Law, the law of the Sea, of the Holy See. As well they are listed as the intellectual property owners of All Law. International Law, National Law, Roman Civil Law, Common Law. They also own the English Language because they created it. It is their property. They are the British Venetian Empire. They have owned England since 1213. They are the largest financial investor in the settlement of the 13 Colonies. They are mentioned in the 1783 Paris Treaty, the Holy Trinity, being the Vatican, The King their loyal subject, and the Londinium Banking Establishment which the Vatican owns and is managed by the Rothschild’s, the Red Shields. The managers of the Vatican Wealth.. Every body in the pecking order bows their knee to the Pope.

    “jus particulare” meaning: (the justice system/laws)

    So, Elements of Ecclesiastical Law are not merely referring to canon laws which only are applicable to the Roman Church. The U.S. is their Church.

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    United Nations as a private chartered fictional corporate body is clearly open for other private chartered fictional corporate bodies to become members –




    Preamble to the United Nations Charter


    United Nations Charter

    Note. The preamble is significant, in that it shows that members are to be considered those whom have agreed to be members and, of course, membership cannot fall on those who have not. This aligns to the similar wording to be found in the preamble to ‘The United States Constitution’ –