September 28, 2022

How Many Biologists Does It Take to Count to 20,000?

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Evidently a whole bunch of them and taking a long, long time. I suppose the biolo”jests” are very busy pawing through outcome-based survey results and getting advice from members of the Humane Society of the United States, while hiding deer harvest information, so they can figure out how to make Maine deer hunters think they are doing a wonderful job (as THEIR bought-and-paid-for survey – wink, wink, – shows) and that there are so many deer around the biolog”jests” are going to issue more doe permits. If this were true, then why does the deer harvest information take months and months to be published on the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s (MDIFW) website?

But here’s some interesting information that some fool can use to prop up the work of the MDIFW. Data shows the date in which deer harvest information is posted on the MDIFW website following a deer hunting season, of which the last of the deer harvest season is over by about mid-December.


On average it takes 5 months to count up to 20,000 – this during an era of instant information. The latest reporting date appears to be on July 23, 2009. Cripes sake. Back when newspapers were printed one page at a time, by hand, the Pony Express got tagging information to the biolo”jests” sooner than that. That’s progress.

While not official, I did get my hands on a map and deer harvest total for 2015. None of this information is posted and available on MDIFW’s website. I don’t know if I got this and I wasn’t supposed to, but I posted the information anyway.


But it matters not. I am the only one who is complaining about this. After all, according to some, that’s all I do. I’m too stupid to see deer that don’t exists and I want accountability for the dollars I spend. I know that’s wrong. I guess I have nothing else to do in retirement.

All Maine deer hunters are just always so busy chasing so many deer around the state (because the biolog”jests” are doing such a remarkable job – wink, wink) they simply don’t have time to be bothered by anything that would show them the hundreds of thousands of deer ready to be harvested…OR NOT!

By the time sportsmen can get a chance to look at any deer harvest data, they have taken up fishing for those native and wild, or is it Native and Wild brook trout, or maybe it’s Native and wild…no, no. I get so confused. Like deer hunting, the trout fishing is so good in Maine (because the survey says it is – get ready – wink, wink) efforts are now being taken to categorize brook trout as either Native or Wild. But when you go catch (while we are still allowed to) them, it becomes very confusing as to whether they are native or wild. They might be Wild brook trout (haven’t been stocked over for 25 years…or something) and/or Native (never been stocked over….or something). But if you buy a fishing license you can go catch (while you are still allowed) some of those wild and native brook trout that might or might not be Wild and/or Native. You got all of this didn’t you?

It’s a good thing deer are not classified as Native or Wild. They are, however, damned RARE!