December 2, 2023

The Priest And His Puppet Lawyer Political Hack Is The Personification Of Deceptions;

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Jesuit Communist “Socially Just” communities and Socialist apostolic Futurist Naturalist works in play..

A constitution is the obligation of a debt, a debt you cannot dispute according to the constitution itself and according to international law.

Meaning you all owe you all owe.. Since 1783 they wanted a piece of whatever the chattel did.. Now they want it all which is why they’ve been instituting eugenics disguised as “social justice” for the poor, notice they keep creating more and more poor.. That because the Jesuit’s are poverty pimps.

“Destroying the economy of people globally with the use of sustainable developments language of double speak to surreptitiously implement dramatic emergency ‘forced’ depopulation the world over and imprison the relatively few survivors as slaves in ‘global human settlements’ (concentration camp smart city dwellings) on the basis of ‘climate change’ fraud”—There is no debt

Same thing they did to South America when they did their population reductions to the natives down there. Population Reductions. It’s global this time. And North Amerika is IN the BULLS-EYE….

Economic chaos, impoverishment, depopulated, and useful young dumbs are to be used as slaves. 

The U.N. Global Biodiversity {Scarcity Creation} Assessment, 1100
pages. The Earth Summit Agenda 21. Sustainable Development. And the Global 2000 Report of the Club of Rome.

The Strategy of Implementing Force for Sustainable Developments requirements of Orderly Depopulation and Enslavement is to Label Everyone A Terrorist

All they are promising is death.