December 11, 2023

Disgusting Creep Shoots Domestic Dog In Montana

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Man’s German shepherd was shot to death during a day of fishing along the Sun River

Should this happen? Nope. Does it happen all over the country even the world? Yep. There have always been creeps like this as long as I can remember. Sounds like the creep is also a liar making excuses for his creepiness. The guy is a creep. He should have found the dogs owners and gave the owner the chance to correct the problem. Even if he is imagining the problem. But he is a creep and people expect to much of creeps. Now, if you really care about your beautiful domestic pet you don’t ever let your dog run loose around rural areas. Just don’t.  This was a nice looking shepherd. I used to keep shepherds myself.  They like to roam.  My labs are the same way.  Now this dog owner say’s his shepherd does not chase deer.  And when this shepherd is in his presence this is likely true.

When the shepherd is not in the owners presence and knows it, that is another matter entirely. If daddy isn’t there I can do it kicks in. Because its fun! Go ask any small animal DVM about dog owners that claim “My dog doesn’t do that.”  I’ve noticed a couple of times from personal experience that sometimes when a domestic dog catches up with the deer or in my case the antelope the ass kicking they get can be a learning experience for them. My current lab got his butt kicked good by an antelope buck when he was about one year old. I think he remembers that, and that experience was a bad day, on top of my making him understand I was very unhappy with his foolishness that morning. The other thing people need to realize is their free roaming dog is probably swallowing up young birds just leaving the nest or in the nest their dog that would never do that has access to.

Now there are the rare domestic dogs that do ignore wildlife.

I had one lab that was not interested in wildlife at all. Thats is rare. I’ve a lab right now who when in my presence will not chase wildlife, will not eat crap, will act like a perfect gentlemen.. None of this happens when the girl friend takes him out walking. And I mean none of it. He chases wildlife, he eats crap and he laughs in her face.. Because he doesn’t take her serious. So when she takes him, he wears a shock collar. When I take him with me he knows not to mess with me.  I have a one acre fenced in area for the dogs when they are outside. I have hot wire on it also. Because I have a neighbor who is a creep. And there is a road out there. And the dog does not belong in the road or over at the neighbors place. And when I’m out with the dog in rural he’s healed  with me, he is in my site at all times, or he is tied up while I’m distracted from tending to his safety. Out here where I live there are wolves, bears and cougars. Being an equestrian and back country horse and mule packer for many years I learned very early that I needed total control of my dog who traveled with me during those adventures while speaking to him from the saddle while moving along the trail.

There are coyotes, badgers, bobcats and the occasional wolverine. And there are creeps, and they kill domestic dogs.  Twice in my life here I’ve seem creeps use their vehicle to run over a dog in the road. On one occasion my female shepherd was in the road about 100yards from the house. I was a young boy and I was heading dow there to get her, when I observed her chasing for the tires on a pickup truck, the truck swerved over and run her down.  So I learned my lesson. Also some creeps put out anti freeze. My dogs safety is my responsibility. These domestic dogs are like a three year old child.

What is it we always hear from the anti ranching farming hunting ANIMAL HUSBANDRY GURUS about being responsible for domestic animals??? Ah, those “rules” only apply to ranchers farmers and hunters apparently. Domestic dog owners have “immunity” from that responsibility apparently.. NO AND THERE ARE NO EXCUSES..

Because dogs running loose get dead real easy by various threats. Anybody saying this only occurs in the rural “loserville” west is a fibber.