November 29, 2023

Do Elections Matter? Short Answer, No.

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Interview 1164 – Dan Sanchez on Elections as Power Ritual
Elections are meaningless power rituals that only pit personas against each other in an establishment-endorsed Two Minutes Hate. So if these political wrestlemania matches don’t change society, what does? Join us today for a fascinating conversation with Dan Sanchez about his recent article, “What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?”



A “Constitution”is a ‘contract’ that is presumed to do the impossible – bind the progeny to the signatures of their forefathers – actually a form of blood liable.
You and I both know what bullshit it all is.
Constitutionalists do have one point to make to the cluelss sheeple however, and that is that even their limited understanding of what the Constitution is supposed to mean is breached by the current gang of hooligans squatting in DC.—WW


Dear WW

Yes but if it is a contract it is their contract.  They cannot breach their own contract. The problem is the false entitlement of the subjects not party to the contract believing that by being born here they are a party to the contract.  Contract law itself proves that is impossible.  We could claim we were born party to GMC, or G.E. or any other corporate contract.

What is true freedom? If those contracts gave those corporate owners and their posterity true freedom to do whatever they want with their private corporate business then it seems to me they can’t really be breaching anything of the contract it self. Of course its all a fraud from the get go. But isn’t it their fraud? And so if it is their fraud isn’t it really from a technically speaking standpoint none of our business?

Yet of course we must consider they are using their fraud to destroy everyones minds along with their immediate environments they dwell in through various nefarious policies and methods which for myself I can only conclude is intentional as they openly claim there are to many of us versus them. Thats the thing it seems to me people don’t get, we not of their contract, the “subjects’ if you will are over populated, not them. They not us are destroying this Earth, yet they blame us.

They are trying to save themselves and their future generations from us being “over populated”, thus They are destroying the economy they created for the slaves which is based upon a method of total backwards thinking which they themselves do not use in their private economy we are not allowed to play in. Backwards taught, we owe them a large percentage of our wealth, for example your wealth was the creativity you used in your career, from your mind and physical actions via your bodies motor skills. They placed a lien upon your wealth and paid you with negotiable debt instrument promissory federal reserve note play money. Worthless crap.

They actually own your house you live in, your car you drive. They state in their legal crap they own all property via the state, the state owns all property. You know this is true because you know if you don’t pay the property tax the state will take your home. They saw to it that the corporation since the 1783 Paris “Peace” Agreement, and based off of all previous Colonial Charters owned and still owns all land. So clearly they have been representing themselves from the get go and misrepresenting us subjects at the same time..

These political charades are mere decorum, theatre. Intended for one thing only, the preservation of their private entity and its power over the minds of men and the resources they are working at placing into a political lockdown bank account via their fake pseudo scientific environmental paradigm. And it appears to me everyone is distracted by this charade. Even those of us who know better..