December 3, 2023

Failure To Launch – The Brain That Is

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When writing “Failure to Launch,” I’m not talking about someone’s psychological retardation and their inability, for perhaps several reasons, to leave the nest and get away from the nanny strings of mommy and daddy. No, I’m talking about a person, either mentally challenged or a deliberate liar, to promote personal agendas, who, blinded by hatred, can’t engage the brain to understand a very basic concept.

A recent opinion piece found in Maine’s Kennebec Journal exemplifies the above. The writer, known statewide to be just a tad bit on the eccentric side, fails to get his brain around certain facts that present a completely different perspective on how wildlife management works. He writes: “…90 percent of Mainers do not hunt, and that nonconsumptive users (wildlife watchers) outnumber and outspend consumptive users in Maine…” blah, blah, blah.

When a person has failure to launch their brains to a level high enough to know when is a good time to get out of the rain, they cannot understand that just because 20-30% of Maine residents hunt, trap and fish, the majority of those 70-80% understand and support the North American Model of Wildlife Management, which includes consumptive use as a tool to sustain and maintain healthy populations of wildlife in order that nonthinking people haters can enjoy watching wildlife FOR FREE – courtesy of the consumers they want to hate on.

It’s easy to declare that “wildlife watchers” outspend the hunters, fishermen and trappers, so long as they don’t consider the billions of dollars these terrible members of Maine’s public spend in order that wildlife watchers have wildlife to gawk at. Did I already tell you that their pastime is paid for by the hunters, trappers and fishermen?

Get a life!