December 11, 2023

Is William H. Addeo Mad?

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Did Addeo really write this or did somebody use his name atop their own writing attempt to essentially take a shot at Addeo, whatever the case may be it’s funny as hell..

Addeo has an interesting history..

Hunter Parks With Wolf  on the roof at square

William H. Addeo:

Bear 399 wil not emerge from her den because of a new hunting tactic called, “Shoot and shovel.” I used to just throw the carcasses off the swinging bridge but I got tired of driving all the way there. I should really call it ,”Shoot and shovel and shut up.” Man will always balance the species and everything will be fine. Environmental wackos will always lie and wear their leather and eat meat others kill and hate anyone who thinks different than them. Wilkinson likes to insight riots because it’s the only way he knows how to write. He spews his venom on all detractors and that is his coat of arms. The liberals use him as their shield and he gets paid a poor man’s salary just to suck up to them. His welfare check of a social media nature is nothing more than a token for his effort. Meanwhile he scrapes for a free dinner out whenever the phone rings from someone he thinks admires him. He actually doesn’t know he is being used like a condom to stop anyone from daring to speak up against them.
I will continue to do what is right to control and kill every single wolf I go after. So, I am announcing my plan now. This summer, when town is full of tourists, I will be depositing a dead wolf every week somewhere in town to show my support for my favorite animal, the majestic Elk. 399 has been 86’d. I will do my best to make sure that the wolf really is endangered by killing every single one that I go after. Nobody knows the woods better than me. I dedicate this movement to my good friend Sam and his life long challenge of protecting our wildlife. There really is a good place for bears and wolves, it’s right next to the mashed potatoes and gravy. God Bless America!

End of Addeo speech.

Addeo buddy is apparently banned from Teton National Park

Predator pimps should take responsibility for the enemies they create.