November 27, 2022

Let He Who Is Without Sin Against The Eco System Cast The First Stone

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I’m not linking to Wuerthners latest ridiculous piece of disinformation crap. I wonder at what point the German people finally opened their eyes and realized Hitler’s federalism wasn’t as honest as they that been led to believe? Even in the last months before that German federal government went down they were still hanging and shooting dissidents who were fighting to save Germany by having Hitler removed.. Now those slaughtered truth tellers of that era are honored martyrs for trying to expose Hitler’s federal government for what it was, a complete fraud and failure managed behind the scenes by the same money powers in control of the U.S. corporate federalism following in lock step with the same failures of previous empires of the recent and not so recent past.. Ah, but this means we hate government.. Well this concept of hating government is what began mankind crying for man made government. It began with hatred of government. The Bible is all about good government and bad government. So far man keeps choosing bad government. Man made government has a 100% failure rating all throughout mankind’s history.. Thus people who understand that government is like fire is extremely dangerous when out of control are not really haters of the government, they’re just wiser than the blind lovers of out of control all powerful government. 

The pseudo scientific environmentalist cult of Club Of Rome – UNEP Social Engineering have been driven insane by their arrogance and hubris. In their pursuit of pseudo scientific hegemony over the West, they have cast aside all caution in their determination to destroy the economies of logging, ranching, hunting, and housing.. In rural regions better off returned to “nature” and connected to existing wild public lands than being lived upon and used by beings they have determined are stupid, ignorant, uneducated losers living in various “Loservilles.” Such as any western town that has a majority of citizens that, rightfully so, think the environmentalist cult are mostly raging bitter psychotic lunatics.

We westerners are Loserville dummies because George Wuerthner – environ-mentalist extraordinaire –  Says so

“In the past, you didn’t need to be particularly ambitious, creative or bright to raise a family in these communities. There were jobs in mills, mining, logging, oil and gas drilling, and ranching. However, global economics have taken away most of those jobs.”—George Wuerthner – environ-mentalist extraordinaire –

“This brain drain has affected the community values and ability to react effectively to changing economic and cultural issues. These “Loservilles” are filled with the people who didn’t leave”.—George Wuerthner – environ-mentalist extraordinaire –

These George Wuerthner – environ-mentalist extraordinaire – hate mongers have done nothing for themselves except learn to condemn the salt of the earth. The people who tamed the land so it would produce the food they eat. The people who brought to them the woods and metals they used for their homes and made the structures where they first learned their academic trades then in turn were employed within to make their own living. Some where along the way they lost respect for their fellow countrymen who see the world in a different light than the social engineering they have swallowed down. These academics are the glib and confident, the whiners and complainers. The shallow back stabbers calling us parasites and losers.

As is displayed by the WLNs web site recently speaking of the “Loservilles” small communities around the rural west. I’ve lived in these rural regions for most of my life outside of traveling around the country or outside of the country into foreign countries for work or visiting. Most of the loggers I’ve known through my time here were college educated concerning forestry, one such logging camp foreman I worked with had a major in forestry. In these “Loserville” communities I’ve known people of the leftist persuasion and of the rightist persuasion. Many of them voting for candidates on either side of the left right paradigm.  I’ve always ignored politics because I had the uncanny ability to see it for what it is, a fraud. Politicians are liars. In “Loservilles” around the west you’ll find Medical doctors, ranchers, farmers, DVMs, Lawyers, Police officers, school teachers, library’s and book collectors such as myself. And various other highly educated and skilled people, such as electricians, and retired people moving here building their retirement home.

A lot of salt of the earth people.  Most people think plumbers are dummies, well go sit in the academic classes plumbers must go through for several years in order to understand mechanical plumbing.  Try Forced air and radiant heating for a living. Try defining the terms in those code books and then apply it to the mechanical system inside of a structure. I bet you think the furnace technician that keeps your furnace running is from “Loserville” Too. Learn truck driving, or meat cutting..  “Loservilles” around the west have mechanics, engineers, architects, grocers, saddle makers, and house builders, BLM-USFS-IDFG personnel as well, and they’re our friends. The regions have ski waxing experts and and by golly you can get a hair cut too.  Many people live that in these “Loservilles” are self sufficient and can make fix or repair anything.. And yes we even have the know its alls like George Weurthner who do nothing except act glib,  are over confident,  do a lot of whining and complaining about nothing much.. Every town has a Wuerthner.

We all see that these glib over confident think they have the superior educations Wuerthners we run into occasionally who are using the same resources for their lives we all do. Only thing is we go out and fetch the resources in so they can access them, while muttering under their breath and in between chewing their food how we’re destroying the earth. Well for you people stupid enough to keep listening to those clowns at the WLNs I’ll tell you what, you glib over confident whiners and complainers without any loyalty to your own countrymen that actually protect wild lands you are the real losers in all of this. All of us in the “Loservilles” around the west will keep our heads down and keep on plowing the land, planting the crops, raising the livestock, gathering the eggs, harvesting the metals and the timbers and doing the rest of the hard work because its there to be done. We know you don’t appreciate us, you even hate us. But thats your problem, a mental deficiency or some such sickness of the mind. Negative progress.

I see the pseudo scientific enviro cult like using eye phones, and desk tops and lap tops and guns, and motor vehicles and I bet you use planes and trains..I see you like using fishing tackle and man made camping gear even campers and driving a hundred miles on those oil made tires burning that gas-oil-lean to get you up here.  I bet you like the windows in your houses, and the lights on at night..Your wood stoves, and your chainsaw and axe.. No doubt you enjoy the water that comes into your metal or plastic sink through that metal faucet connected to those copper, galvanized, pex, or plastic pipes. .   Yep, some loser in “Loservilles” is the reason you like that stuff..  Industry is the reason George Wuerthners of this country can go online and condemn his own countrymen. 

The pseudo scientific environ-mentalist drones are the real losers here. And intolerant and hateful too boot.. It really is unfortunate  that the George Wuerthners of the faustian environmentalism movement and the fools that believe the filth those bigots write are not as intellectually intelligent as they would have everyone believe they are. These academiacs that are so blind to their own imperfections and false immunity to being deceived by out right pseudo scientific nonsense.  Thats about it for me I’ve wasted enough time on that fool Wuerthner. I’ve got to get my falling gear in order as I’ve signed up to work for three years on a thinning project for the BLM. I added a third  Stihl to my gang box. I see the miners heading off  to the Yankee Fork and there goes a load of lumber up the road.. Yep, the only thing left around here is the dreaded ranchers.. Uh huh..

Keep on Believing Shane won’t come back..

 I can even find several biologists and forestry experts around here that will laugh at Wuerthner’s foolishness as well..{Pseudo science against science} Somebody has to be the back bone of this country, it sure isn’t you cussed urbanites constantly whining and complaining about people you don’t even know. And you fools wonder why these rural communities look upon urban strangers with suspicion. No compromise nor solutions comes out of the WLNs cliques heads, just hatred and contempt.  I’ve seen Maughan, Marvel, Ertz and Cole up close a few times, the hatred coming off of them is thick as smoke.. Some of the unhappiest miserable people I’ve ever encountered.. Anybody that thinks they’re getting any truth from that group is only fooling themselves.

The social engineering/brainwashing goes deep with way to many people, no one is immune. While John Wayne and Alan Ladd socially engineered the “Loservilles,” what did the other side of the social engineering coin do to George Wuerthner and the pseudo scientific envviro cult? Oh wait, those guys are way to smart to get fooled.. They’re immune to all and any social engineering. yeah snickers.. Fact is they’re more brainwashed than anyone else on this Earth.. And they’re members of the target population targeted for depopulation, and they’re advocating for their own demise. Now that is pretty dang stupid in my book.. Stupid is as stupid does and they’ve been doing stupid better than anyone else in America..


Now they’re programmed to kiss wolves and coyotes on the ass..And hate the food producer..

“The resource extraction model is a dead end ”   “The resource extraction model is a dead end ”  “The resource extraction model is a dead end ” —A member of the brain dead society

Ok, quit using resources. Go ahead you can do it. No more resources for you bright boy.. Go thirty days on water, no driving.. You can do it… Quit using air transportation for goods and services, or travel, quit using oil soaked paved highways and oil and mineral vehicles and other products that take you to your multiple use privilege use public lands trailheads for your two day week end or your two week once per year visit to worship the pantheist cathedral wild scenic lands..

“I never got good vibes in Salmon or Challis.”—Ralph Maughan

I personally know a couple of people that never got good vibes in your class room in Idaho State. And they have stated such publicly. 

One of them was a City Chief of police. 

SITTING DOWN AND STARVING TO DEATH IS NO SOLUTION.. So you “environmentalists” go ahead and keep proving to the world, to the “Loservilles”

That you are certainly a pack of sore losers.. Because not only are you insane, you’re losing.