October 2, 2022

When Pocket Warming is Perceived as Being Global

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This morning I was reading an article in Scientific American. I have decided not to provide a link to the story, because I’m sick and tired of providing readers with links to go and read mostly utter nonsense – or as Jim Beers calls it, Romance Biology and the marriage of Romance Biology and Voodoo Science.

There are places where moose generally are found in the Lower 48 States, where moose are struggling to sustain. Of course outcome-based voodoo science, combined with Romance Biology, yields but one answer – Climate Change (this used to be called Global Warming.) Some portions of Alaska appear to show signs of changes due to climate fluctuations but to read about it, one would think the bush will soon become the new haven for bikini-clad Spring breakers.

What’s puzzling in all of this is that these so-called scientists love to extol the negative effects of their small-minded thinking about climate change, and yet never do we hear about the other changes that one would think should be taking place if the warming actually exists. For instance, in Maine, it seems the excuse-du-jour for a shrinking moose population is the infestation of winter ticks caused by…wait for it…a warming climate. (This statement is made when nobody, as near as I can tell, has ever really studied up on what’s available for scientific data of winter ticks. If they had, they would be a bit skeptical to continue blaming winter ticks on warming.) If this subtle(?) bit of warming, which I doubt Maine is experiencing upon examination of the past 10 winters, so greatly and quickly effects the moose population, then one might suspect that because of the warming, the white-tail deer would be thriving, along with other species that do well in a warmer climate.

The excuse-du-jour for white-tail deer is that the animal in Maine is at the northern fringe of its habitat and that the deer does really well in warmer climates. So, if the moose is moving north, because of climate change, it should make sense that the white-tail deer is also moving north, along with alligators and boa constrictors.

Weather patterns are always changing – always have been and I suspect always will. We like to blame man because the moose in many parts of the contiguous United States, mostly disappeared due to over hunting. I’m not dumb enough to think man didn’t contribute a lot to over hunting of the moose, but maybe fluctuations in weather patters (real climate change) contributed to it as well, and beginning in the 1980s in Maine, conditions were right to promote moose growth, coupled with better moose management. And, perhaps the increase in winter ticks is as much due to an overgrown population of moose as it is to someone’s perception of a warming climate.

It amazes me how scientists take a broad, sweeping stroke with their brushes when conducting a very small, in comparison, geographical-area study that might show signs of a fluctuation in climate, i.e. some warming, and then declare the globe is warming, and yet temperature readings GLOBALLY do not reflect that. Perhaps in that one pocket temperatures are different.

Back in February of 2010, I attempted to explain the differences between GLOBAL warming and what I began calling POCKET warming:

The use of the term global warming has morphed into a generic excuse for anything under the sun (pun sort of intended). When the term global warming is used, it is assumed to mean the man-made variety. That has since evolved into climate change and other assorted descriptive names like climate disruption.

There are at least two locations here in the U.S. where moose populations are on the decline. Ed Bangs, wildlife biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said moose in Yellowstone National Park [are] on the decline due to “climate disruption”, that moose are too sensitive to the warmth. He said that moose will then lie around and wait for wolves to show up and eat them to save them from the climate disruption pain and suffering.

In Minnesota, moose populations are on the decline and once again officials point a finger at global warming. But it can’t be global warming because all around both of these areas the moose are doing quite well. So we either have Pocket Warming or, God forbid, something else in common. I wonder what it could be?

There’s lots of money to be made studying climate change. Like seeking a cure for cancer, it will never happen provided the money keeps pouring in for more studies. One of the very negative results of excuse-du-jour climate change is that it is always presented, like cancer, as an incurable disease. This becomes a “convenient truth” (excuse) and the answer to everything. While this blinded nonsense continues, nothing is learned and nothing changes.