September 22, 2023

Blind Subservience to mAN-gODS’ Law Enforcement

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In a letter to the editor in the Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, a writer states: “Equally disturbing was the total lack of regard for Maine law by the investigation’s subjects. Illegal drug use, drinking and driving, drinking and hunting, driving with a loaded gun in addition to night hunting are not only illegal but dangerous behavior.”

This writer couldn’t agree more. However, to fully demonize and cast judgement on the “subjects” for breaking the laws of the State of Maine, while allowing a different standard for any law enforcement agency is not in the best interest of anyone and carries with it the same reasoning that such behavior by law enforcement, “are not only illegal but a dangerous behavior.” If Maine law allows law enforcement to break laws, it needs to be changed. If not, then how can one claim this behavior is “dangerous” for some but not for others. That’s known as a double standard. There can not exist double standards between the people and the government. Have we not been witness to the historic results?

If for no other reason, law enforcement, if it intends for the citizen-slaves to abide by state’s laws, should set the example and follow the same laws. Why are they any different from you and I?

As a parent, I always had the discussion with my wife, that if we intended our children to grow up with proper morals and behavior, then we must set the example for them. Where there is no leadership, the people perish.

Granting blind deference to any government and/or its agents, believing this is somehow in the best interest of our future as free men, is the exemplification of brainwashing and propagandizing.

If the Maine Courts are ruling according to the written law, they have told us that the actions of undercover agents have been legal. That does not make them right. I, for one, would like to see those rules and regulations changed.