December 18, 2017

A Wolf Is A Wolf Is A Wolf Just A Good Wolf Just Because They Say So

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All things positive about wolves have been evolving over the years while all things negative about wolves has been suppressed and swept under the rug.. Thus any balance sharing the positives and negatives which justifies management of wolves for various purposes such as positive elk herd growth for the preservation of consumptive use multiple use which benefits ranching at the same time has been non existent because of the dishonesty of the IWC and the various anti grazing anti ranching, anti hunting pseudo environmentalist groups who are willing to get in bed with animal rights anti hunting fruitcakes who chatter endlessly about nothing relevant..

Enough nonsense has been repeatedly repeated about the good wolf that does no harm.. Now laugh After Me…

HoHoHoHoHoHawHawHawHawHeeHeeHeeHeeHee…. Wolf Pimps, you can shit yourselves but not Me…


  • RattlerRider

    Elk crossing: Fatal collision on I-90 spurs state action–spurs-state-action/article_b6a05e84-9fbc-54b3-96b8-78cf8456c400.html?utm_content=bufferf6173&utm_medium=social&

    “That is the problem Sherlock, too many wolves in the area. Same as almost all of western Montana. The elk have not been a problem for the last 75 years before wolves. The wolves have driven elk out of the high country where the public traditionally hunted, down to the private for protection where we can not hunt. There, they eat good grass, have their calves and have found a great place to live. The wolves won’t follow them down because they are too smart to be near humans, so why would they leave? Thats why the herd sizes are increasing and we have these problems. Remember, we have not seen these problems before wolves. The FWS in Washington, who most likely have never even seen an elk, have screwed the whole thing up!”

    Same in Idaho, wolves have pushed most of the elk and deer, that are left, out of the high country down into rural areas. I don’t bother hunting back country anymore for this reason. Depredation hunts in late fall and winter around ranches and farms are way up. It’s incredible. Elk are staying in places they never used to stay in in the past.. I’ve been a couple ranches pushing elk away from the fields, and whats out there on the ridges watching us???? Wolves..

    Fools not living in these rural areas will call us liars.. They’ve been calling us liars for twenty years.. And anti wolf, wolf haters, and all types of other stupid garbage..