September 28, 2023

The Pathological Liars Of Scientism Are Losing

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“the criminal elite hijacked science and transformed it into a weapon against the masses. This examination includes: (1.) The occult Origins of Darwinism. (2.) Nominalism and radical empiricism as instruments of epistemological manipulation. (3.) Eugenics and population control. (4.) Scientistic cults and religious engineering. (5.) Echelon, PROMIS software, and other technologies of the Panopticon Singularity. (6.) Neoconservativism as a continuation of Technocracy and Jacobinism. (7.) Transhumanism, Singularitarianism, and other futurist variants of the elite’s occult religion. (8.) The unfolding endgame between scientific dictatorships.”—The Ascendancy Of The Scientific Dictatorship – Collins

And they have been doing it for over 500 years..

The majority of people of various groups do not appreciate what counts as evidence, nor distinguish between prejudice and rational conclusion. This is particularly evident in the realm of politics, politicized pseudo sciences, and fabricated historical accounts involving the establishment of the u.s. corporate privately owned nation state, where inflammatory rhetoric is the rule and rational legal evidentiary based argument the exception. To try and convince or persuade anyone using persuasive, coherent and consistent lines of reasoning is a waste of time because they may or may not be astute enough to understand the evidence in question.

Especially if that evidence is a legal paper trail in establishing a nation state allegedly done for everyone.. Not just a group of signatories loyal to another multinational corporation which may or may not be investing in the new nation state creation.  Every good liar in the legal professions knows, in order to CON convince or persuade anyone, individual or group whether they be arguing before a judge or judges, a debating panel, a teacher or teachers, or even in a friendly pub conversation — principles such as using natural order of argumentation, avoiding loaded language, being consistent in terminology, and starting from realistic and reliable premises. The average non researching citizen never knows the percentage of truth in data versus the percentage of untruth in the same data..

All philosophies are a mixture of truth and falsehood. This u.s. society is inundated with endless arguments about politics versus politics, science versus science, philosophy versus philosophy all amounting to trivial pursuits tail chasing.. It was all set into motion by a very clever super wealthy elite to cause chaos and confusion for the simple purpose of preserving their bloodlines authoritative control over their privately owned nation states.  They trot out the politicians, they control the information, they control the social engineering, they own the sciences mixed with false data.. They create false opposition against their own authority and manage it.