December 3, 2022

The Pseudo gods Of This World

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People were created to worship. It’s our nature. Even atheists worship. If there is a breakdown by sabotage in worshiping our true creator, what exactly could take its place, considering man and woman are wired for worship? That should be easy to determine, the traditions of men replacing worshiping our true creator are man made laws, philosophies, religions and pseudo sciences, all perverted with untruths. All imperfect. All isms are turning out to be falsehoods.. So what took the place of the Creator worship benefits who? Not mankind obviously so who? A pseudo god? Men acting as gods? Did some liar once say, “Ye can be as god” thus becoming gods of ourselves? And some are acting as gods over the majority of us little gods.. Your political lawyers owned by the bankers.. So your lawyer political leader gods are owned by banker gods who get a lot of great advice from the priests of Rome who are always communicating with that old liar that started all of this nonsense to begin with, you can be as gods, surely you will not die.. Now if we study history we learn of expired nation/states and we discover grave yards full of gods who did die..