January 29, 2023

There Can Never Be Transparency In Government When Government Dictates the Transparency

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Kabuki Theater: “the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers.” (Source)

Government: the exercise and practice of Kabuki that they learned from the Japanese during negotiations post World War II.

In an opinion piece published in the Maine Sun Journal, Sen. Chris Johnson, a member of the Judiciary Committee, says that unless there is an investigation into the actions of the Maine Warden Service and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, concerning undercover operations and accusations that have been leveled against these state agencies, there will be a destruction of the public trust in government.

A truthful analysis might reveal that there is little public trust that exist with any government – or is it just me?

While I have to agree with Sen. Johnson in what he says about the whys and wherefores of transparency and the need to investigate all the actions of the Warden Service and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, including a refusal by these two departments to conduct any investigation and their continued stalling of the release of government documents supposed to be available to the public, how can there ever be transparency when government investigates government? Are we to somehow, magically believe that because the state’s “Right-to-Know Advisory Council” (or any other government agency) may be called in, this will restore public trust?

These are all members of the good-ole-boys’ club and while actions on the surface may appear to some as truthful and transparent, no government agency can ever be honest and achieve the amount of investigative honesty some of us expect. It’s much like what we see in Washington. People actually think somebody is going to get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s actions in Benghazi, her email scandal, etc. However, if the government digs too deeply they end up implicating themselves in all government corruption. It therefore becomes nothing more than a fake controlled opposition, designed to deceive until interest fades. These politicians are master of deceit and fraud. And, they are all politicians.

The Maine Warden Service and the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, both government agencies, run by politicians, understand how the rigged system works. It’s Kabuki Theater. Lot’s of show and dance but it’s all fake.

It’s easy to write an opinion piece to a newspaper (especially if it will buy or win votes) making claims of investigations, but when the investigation resembles the infamous fox tending the chicken coop, there will never be public trust of any government agency – unless, of course, you are a shill for the political party that you have been brainwashed to think is looking out for your best interest.

What we are seeing is nothing more than politics as usual. To believe anything else, you are a fool.