September 25, 2023

Greenscreen Fake News For Anti Gun Agenda

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Mass shootings, real, fake, orchestrated, or coincidental cases of “Lone Nut” insane psychopaths going bonkers are up 700% under this leftist administrations rule.. I find that interesting. I also find it interesting that nobody notices the moral decadence of this society in comparison to the moral decency of this societies past.. In short, the dumber you dumb down a society the more morally decadent the society becomes.. But hey, maybe we’ll be safe completely disarmed in a society ruled by politicians who are homosexual deviants with pedophilia tendencies and their militarized police soldiers wearing uniforms with guns. Take a closer look around yourselves normal people because you’re surrounded by political hacks and militarized jack boot thugs that fit the description..
The only thing left to do here is run up the Pink Swastika and Bring on the Donkey…