January 19, 2018

Choice Between Murder and Suicide

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  • Scott Gunther

    I like to say that the difference between the two is that Communists are honest about what they are doing…the government owns it all. Socialist give the illusion that you do.

  • RattlerRider

    The citizenship invisible and written contract that comes from Section 220 of Book 1 in THE LAW OF NATIONS…and the OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to the “government” nation/state, national entity is associated with being one of Their citizen-subject-slaves. In the case of the U.S. since 1783, tenant status only. Yet while they were building this system for several decades they had no way to enforce “landholders” to pay taxes-rent. It never mattered what they called their “nation/state”, a Republic, allegedly, a republic, allegedly, an indirect democracy, allegedly. They were common wealth’s and Jural Societies. All owned by charter, constitution, contract. All Private corporate law. By the Holy Trinity. By the Holy Roman Empire. They openly stated this in the beginning. Their is no excuse for being confused. All through its history people have been scattering from it on the run. Now there is no where to run so most men hide inside their minds.