September 25, 2023

Is The Masonic Oath Protecting Fifth-Seventh Degree Witch Hillary Queen Melusina Clinton?

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Well it may be. She is a Witch, and The degrees of witchcraft degrees go hand in hand with Freemasonic degrees. Yet I suspect these mason’s did not stand by and allow their fellow brother Mason Ambassador Stevens to be murdered. As I no longer believe these Masonic Knights of Malta and Columbus assassinated their masonic Knight of Columbus Brothers JFK, and later RFK, and even MLK of the Prince Hall Masonic Brotherhood.. All we are observing is a masonic charades and puppet show for the purpose of deceiving the masses, especially those beguiled in their politics.. Yet masons are killed on both sides of most conflicts.. Albeit low level members.

“Those who follow politics with any consistency surely have become aware that “politicians” are no longer “statesmen’, but have become more or less, “salesmen”. The more sophisticated researchers into this may have come to realize that politicians are even more to be likened to ‘actors’. Many might even say they are ‘scam artists’. Some realize an even deeper political reality and label them as “puppets”.”—WILLY

The U.S. Government is totally corrupt. Has been for probably forever just like other governments in other countries. Does not matter whether you back Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. Right Wing, Left Wing, does not matter. The focus of the elite is to divide and keep people enslaved. Divide the people on racial issues, gender issues, gay rights, education, minimum wage, environmental issues etc. While these issues are being discussed with anger among the populace the real owners of the country who own everything just keep right on going and doing their thing, which is the major abuse of power through economic slavery.

It will interesting to see how this latest presidential political charade turns out.. Will Trump destroy Hillary with the popular vote and then the electoral college hands the presidency over to Hillary further enraging the right, libertarian, and the democrats that have turned against Clinton? Will Trump somehow be removed? Again enraging those against Obama and Clinton politics? Or will we have some staged national emergency canceling the elections and keeping Obama in for another four years? What these psychos want is everyone mad as hell and hating one another.. And its working.

Congress is without a doubt the greatest show on earth..

Race against race, religion against religion, science against science, men against women, complete division. While those behind these divisions sit back and laugh..



It does not matter who is appointed president of the privately owned Babylonian U.S. Corporation, the only change will be worse deception and stronger delusions..