December 10, 2023

Unhived Mind Predicts Hillary Is Next U.S. Puppet CEO…

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While this description of her sounds crazy, it is who they are and what she is..

Donald Trump’s role is to win the GOP nomination and throw the election to Hillary Clinton, the Illuminati bankers’ preferred candidate.

Yes, they do this type of thing.. Here’s what you might end up with…

Hillary “a pro-Israel Jewess who’s a fifth-degree witch, war criminal, felon, psychopath, traitor, drug trafficker, blackmailer and murderer by proxy going under the name of Hillary Clinton.{Her real name is NOT Hillary Clinton}  The Clinton’s both serve under former Nazi SS agent, George H.W Scherff along with his wife Barbara Scherff and their backward son Jeb Scherff (known to most as the Bushfrauds aka the Kennebunk Hillbillies). All of these characters are mastered by the minds and funds of the Jews such as Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban. Why is Hillary so special? Well Hillary has served her fellow Jews well in the past and she’s also a warmonger who’ll do the bidding of AIPAC and the Neoconservatives thus aiding Israel. Hillary also has a lot of sway because she has the goods on many people and thus she can easily blackmail individuals. Hillary believes her own delusions of grandeur where she thinks she can match up or even better Vladimir Putin the President of the Russian Federation.”—UHM

It’s Mystery Babylon.. The Synagogue of Satan.. You didn’t under estimate them did you?

Gawblesmurka! And Strong Delusion…