September 29, 2022

Black Consciousness vs Yeshua Righteousness

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When we think of Christ consciousness we should be aware that The enemy of Christ consciousness also calls itself Christ consciousness.. Christianity, Churchianity. When we hear people speaking of God, and of Christ how do we know they don’t mean false gods and false Christs? The only way to know is to research. I often wonder if it is possible to know HIS words and HIS real meanings while calling him by a false name.  When His ultimate sacrifice was being brought about and concluded they were not calling him Jesus Christ. Mankind has only called Him Jesus Christ for about 500 years. So now in this world Jesus Christ can and does mean different Christs by different groups.. Like the Pope’s claims that Jesus Christ dwells within him as the head of the Universalist Catholic Church.. This cult and many others keep redefining what Christ Consciousness is by redefining what the Old and New Testament Covenant says.. For those who don’t know covenant means contract. Now that contract with the King Yeshua has been denigrated as just another group among countless groups.. Is Yeshua worried about his name? I wonder. If I seek out His words in the best ancient transcripts and linguistics available to me in these times and keep His Law does he know me if I don’t know His name? I wonder.  The idea of LAW originates with The Life Giver. It is His LAW that interests me.. Not the imaginations of wild eyed men all claiming they have a superior enlightened consciousness because all of their law-legalese contradicts itself and worse lies to all men and so does their reworded perverted Old and New Testament consciousness. 99% of those preaching a Christ consciousness are preaching anti Christ consciousness because they have altered the real Christ consciousness to suit them, not Him.. Is His real LAW written upon your heart? Has it been through your mind so you can know it and compare it to the countless fictions misrepresenting His LAW so you know the difference? And when we come to that understanding then we know who is speaking for him and against him.. Maybe the real LAW in our hearts is his real name. I keep wondering. This below is a good work by a good man.. By the way, The Life Giver and the Forgiver of sin is not in a real nice building with a phallic extending above the roof waiting for you on SUNDAY.. But the Devil is..