November 23, 2017

Define Cosmological Bullshit

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What got me thinking about this stuff? Well this guy and his art did.. This really nice artist hates ranchers, hunters, farmers.. And really just about anyone that cannot see creation design and the real art of nature by the original artist the Designer Himself as it is explained by this evolutionary big bang pagan pantheist holy see’er through his art.. Looks like bird crap on canvas to me.. Maybe an LSD trip, or shrooms or some real good wacky weed helps one to understand Gordon’s art..

“Nature – nonlinear, complex and dynamic – is the phenomenal, cognitive, intuitive, and reciprocal ingredient for me as an artist. Essentially this is the Generative Order, from which I become humble when I try to understand, even a small corner of a web of interconnected, symbiotic elements and relationships, each of which is inter- or intra-dependent on a majority of others in the biosphere and cosmos.  In my art, I work with the elements of the natural system and rearrange them. I try not to do any harm to the source, while I hope that the objects I create let us see the human-nature experience in a compact and expansive form. Nature is the symbiosis of the flux of chaos, mystery and organization. Our rational experience of nature is the challenging element. We are the wild cards in the natural deck, put here to test nature’s resiliency. We fool ourselves into thinking that we can impose order on a system that nature already has functioning in a flowing existence. Through my art I try to bring myself closer to the source, to make my-self see the cosmos as it is, and to celebrate the energy and mystery in sensuous detail.  By doing so, I hope my audience will see it – self in a new, more connected way.  Human art gives us glimpses of the truth that art is nature.”—Gordon Wood

“Nature—nonlinear, complex and dynamic—is the phenomenal, cognitive, intuitive, and reciprocal ingredient for me as an artist.”—Gordon Wood

Anyway.. Imagination is great.. But the grand artist above the firmament already explained all of this to us..

Below they, some goofy men are looking at the interior of the firmament dome of the night sky, a curved fence… Maybe its nail placement.. No its something more, only the artistic creator that designed its structure could explain to us what it is..
But men and their telescopes with their wild imaginations is mighty funny to observe..

Greek cosmos

the cosmos : the universe especially when it is understood as an ordered system
: a tall plant that has usually white, pink, or red flowers

Full Definition of universe
1 :  the whole body of things and phenomena observed or postulated :  cosmos: as a :  a systematic whole held to arise by and persist through the direct intervention of divine power b :  the world of human experience c (1) :  the entire celestial cosmos (2) :  milky way galaxy (3) :  an aggregate of stars comparable to the Milky Way galaxy
2 :  a distinct field or province of thought or reality that forms a closed system or self-inclusive and independent organization
3 :  population 4
4 :  a set that contains all elements relevant to a particular discussion or problem
5 :  a great number or quantity <a large enough universe of stocks … to choose from — G. B. Clairmont>

The milky way galaxy is a metaphor, it is art on the inside of the firmament dome. created by The Creator..  Man could never travel through it but could certainly slam into it..

Gawblesmurka lets go galaxy hunting… Yeeehaaawww!

noun, plural galaxies. 1. Astronomy. a large system of stars held together by mutual gravitation and isolated from similar systems by vast regions of space.
(usually initial capital letter) Milky Way.
2. any large and brilliant or impressive assemblage of persons or things:
a galaxy of opera stars.

galaxy in Science
Any of numerous large-scale collections of stars, gas, and dust that make up the visible universe. Galaxies are held together by the gravitational attraction of the material contained within them, and most are organized around a galactic nucleus into elliptical or spiral shapes, with a small percentage of galaxies classed as irregular in shape. A galaxy may range in diameter from some hundreds of light-years for the smallest dwarfs to hundreds of thousands of light-years for the largest ellipticals, and may contain from a few million to several trillion stars. Many galaxies are grouped into clusters, with the clusters themselves often grouped into larger superclusters. See more at active galaxy, See also elliptical galaxy, irregular galaxy, lenticular galaxy, spiral galaxy.

Word Origin and History for galaxy
late 14c., from Old French galaxie, from Late Latin galaxias “Milky Way,” from Greek galaxias (adj.), in galaxias kyklos, literally “milky circle,” from gala (genitive galaktos) “milk” (see lactation ). The technical astronomical sense emerged 1848. Figurative sense of “brilliant assembly of persons” is from 1580s. Milky Way is a translation of Latin via lactea.

That is all on the inside of the firmament dome.. Its art and men still don’t get it.. Except of course the liars and the good guys that know its there..

Space is the final frontier in the wild imaginations of mens minds.. Stoned on something or not.. Now consider something, if you have never been to the dome or space you’re taking it on faith that the dome or space is there. Now the space in between all of the things men see on the interior of the dome is empty space, just don’t hit it to hard cuzz it’ll hurt ya.. So stay in the space between the earths surface and the domes interior if you go rocket riding.. Or just stay on the ground by the flowers like I do.. I like the Indian paint brush flowers myself..

  • RattlerRider

    I’m more interested in the traditional natural law as represented in the writings of Cicero, Aquinas, and Hooker and the revolutionary doctrines of natural rights espoused by Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. Beginning with the legacies of Greek and Roman life and thought and its principles in the Law of Nations and the creation of Nation States and our responsibilities and actual status as men contracted with those establishments.. Or our right to refuse participation in those establishments by surrendering ourselves over to them via contractual allegiance.. I also would include in great detail the LAW of Yeshua in his New Testament Witness and covenant contract with him of which I choose over the traditions of men in their legal establishments which are adversarial against that New Covenant.. Man has not found a better way, and will not.. An examination of the evidence of both sides is quite interesting.. I recommend the Law of Nations by Vattel, and the Whole Duty of Man, According To The Law of Nature by Samuel Pufendorf.. And first and foremost the Geneva 1599 Bible.. And a good concordance.. Then we can understand men creating Kingdoms and how they relate to their subjects and we can understand the Bible connection they are offended by.. Because it condemns them. And rightly so.. Man as King over other men is a failure..

  • alrem

    What a trip! Man, I shore was a Trekie alright. Dazzled by space – and beyond, I had no eyed deer it were complete bullshit, like this “artist” and hundreds/thousands like him.

    Hawkins being the latest great liar, or he is stupid and both, or he knows better than to expose it all as fraud heaped upon lies, I think the latter is true, a tremendous effort has been made lying about everything. Does the majority really believe in the entire hoax? It appears so. It were told us that it would be so. And mockery would prevail.

    But there are a few still asking questions. That’s encouraging. And to repeat myself, Sooner or later they will know the truth: Better sooner than later.

    • RattlerRider

      I always suspected Hawkins was actually a prop they used and his communications were transmitted from behind the curtain.. I did not believe he was communicating I thought he couldn’t be in his condition because his condition had to effect his mind.. So… Fake.. Turns out he is someone else entirely and his condition is an act.. Still fake.. He’s an actor. His books are bullshit.. Yeah I was a trekker myself.. Wow.. The depth of this deception around us is incomprehensibly totally insane.. It makes sense that HE HIMSELF would want to keep this insane asylum locked down and locked inside this atrium.. Other wise this corruption would spread into his domain.. So I keep asking.. Who has credibility here and what is credibility actually worth to each of us personally.. For me it means nothing.. False Evidence Appearing Real = Fear… And don’t you dare talk about it.. So on top of insane we are surrounded by cowardice.