December 2, 2022

Don Trump Jr. Making False Promises To The Subjects

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So last night I was doing nothing and decided I’d listen to this guy. What did he say? He clearly stated his daddy, if you believe that bullshit because it is, he’s an actor. But whatever.. If Don Trump as president of the u.s. corporation did all this guy said he’d do then it means, at least for me that, UNEP-The Global Biodiversity Assessment 1100+ page Sustainable Development model along with the Agenda 2100 Programme will be discontinued. The End of Liberal Arts BS Pseudo Science pseudo biology for eugenics. Not only that the War Powers Act, The Lieber Code, And Reconstruction Acts will be ended. And the 1933 Bankruptcy action will be dealt with forth with and the interest canceled and the original debt paid in full. Hell, D. T. might go back to the original political charter of 1783 and sign his sig to it and tell the Posterity of this mess to go to hell.. In other words go past GO and restart the game.. And the manufacturing that left here that went to China and else where will return.. Real forestry will return. Lumber mills will return. Mining will return. Coal and oil booms will return. Hell, maybe that 1400 square foot two car garage two pots to piss in house that used to sell for $20,000 that now costs $300,000 will return..{remember when a nice house in this country cost about a $1,000? Or did you all forget that too?} Yeah, sure.. Do you realize how angry everyone will be when on the rigged up selection day, 1. The leftists brazenly cheat Trump on selection day. 2. The assassination of Don Trump is hoaxed and some national emergency keeps Barry in for another term.. 3. Trump wins by a popular landslide and the electoral institute of liars crooks and thieves selects Hillary.. And you all get more of the same.  Or trump is in and none of what this actor say’s in this FULL SPEECH OF BULLSHIT takes place.. Because my bottom line is none of this bullshit in this speech will come to pass.. The fake democracy which is the Bernaysian oligarchy of star chamber despotic legislation will make the tyrants rule great again..The muckrakers be damned..

Whatever causes more division and dissent, hate and foments civil war will be what you get. Because this guy promised you a helluva lot more than just a chicken on every table with this National Socialist platform they’re standing on.. That probably will include Hillary’s “Food Stamps For Guns Act” Executive Order…

Prepare to be stroked by this Little Trumpet.. Cheer people because eugenics disguised as environmentalism for soft depopulation is over.. They gonna put you all back to working so they can profit off your labor. You know, make you all productive citizens again..