December 14, 2017

“Scientists” Continue to Hide Behind Fake “Global Warming”

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In a brief article found on Maine’s WLBZ-TV website about the upcoming drawing of moose permits in New Hampshire, the author writes: “Scientists blame the decline in moose herds partly on the warming climate and winter ticks.”

So long as “scientists” and “biolo’jesters'” continue to hide behind the ignorance of a warming climate, and thus the cause of an increase in winter ticks, which contributes to the decline of moose populations, there is never any hope that any real science will work toward finding THE answer. I suppose it’s just easier to use the stupid excuse about climate change for everything. They must believe it brings job security.

One shameful part of this is that it stands to reason that as winter ticks, predators and other circumstances contribute to moose declines, the decline will also result in a wild population swing, which will effect ticks, predators and other circumstances. Once moose populations reach rock bottom, ticks have mostly disappeared and predators have moved on to other prey, the moose population will begin to rebound. Then, the fake, lazy and ignorant “scientists” will still claim it was all the result of climate change and the “balance of nature.” They will continue to beat the drum that climate change is caused by the existence of man and because man exists, they are upsetting the “balance of nature.”

The epitome of non thinking indoctrination.

What a shame.

  • RattlerRider

    It is all man’s fault.. He let that silly rib stealing bitch talk him into that forbidden fruit and the great devolving of everything including man began.. But but but UNEP and the enlightened “biolo’jesters’” will remove the over populated direct drivers and recreate their version of the creation account in Genesis.. The regeneration of Genesis.. Hahahohoheehee… The reverse plagiarizing of Biblical originality by fallen “geniuses..” A bunch of fallen imperfect bungling buffoons with only 3% of their brains functioning cannot have an original idea.. Impossible.. Reverse copy cat is not originality.. I’m gonna go have me a goddamn apple..