September 27, 2023

Trump Stumps For Hillary

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The political hack that pretends to be the lessor of two evils when he or she is just as evil as the other is if we are paying attention proving it. Maybe the lessor of the two evils is the one that comes right out and is openly and honestly evil in your face rather than the one attempting to disguise their evilness. Maybe evil is in the eyes of the beholder.. Evil is evil and either way a vote for evil is still asking for more evilness.

To these two evil liars, Hillary and her friend Trump I say  this, Your wickedness is not wisdom it is foolishness..
In the LAST DAYS there will be two classes of people.  The WISE and the WICKED (Daniel 12:10).

The wicked thinking themselves wise, enlightened are partakers of foolishness, thus are fools themselves..

Why would a wise man vote for a fool?

Go ahead candidates, promise that this will not occur;

“For there will be Great Tribulation such has not been since the beginning of the world until this time no, nor ever shall be. And UNLESS those days were shortened NO flesh (on Earth) would be saved” — (Matthew 24:21-22)