September 25, 2023

Why Blind Ignorance Persists, Blindly

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I’ve sometimes asked when will the day come when people will discover the real truth about any issue? The answer, for anyone willing to do some historic investigation, is never. Here’s why.

If you are not willing to accept the fact that we are all brainwashed and programmed to act and react, void of independent thinking, there is little use to continue reading what follows. In essence, you are already beyond help. I’ll help explain why.

Everyone in this day and age of post normal everything, believe they know the truth. I say believe because that is precisely what is going on. People believe. They do not know. They do not have knowledge. They do not have an open mind. They cannot think. And so, they simply believe. It’s easier that way.

Eric Hoffer, author of the book, The True Believer, says that everyone wants to belong to something, to be on someone’s side, to feel important. Being a “True Believer” serves that role. True Believers take narrative that sounds wonderful and fits one’s ideology, whether they are conscious of what they are doing or not, and jump on a band wagon believing they have truth.

With a new belief, combined with a manipulated mind that will shut down to any suggestion of “new thinking,” how, then, does anyone break through that wall?

This is, not necessarily, a new thing. Recently I received a link to an article from a Canadian newspaper that looked back in history, to a time around the Great Depression, when the owner of the newspaper, Sault Star, offered a $100 reward for anyone who could prove to him that any person had been “attacked” by a wolf. The reward and attack criteria was limited to just Algoma.

First, here’s the quote taken from the newspaper in 1925: “This is to inform the public that the Sault Daily Star will pay $100 to the first person who can establish to the satisfaction of the editor that any timber or brush wolf has attacked any person in Algoma.” (emboldening added)

The obvious problem in this account of the person offering a reward, is that it has been established as a rigged system. Everything and any and all evidence becomes value-weighted to the perceptions of the newspaper. This is a clear example of a person’s truth is THE truth and everything else is wrong…even if it means refusing to accept any other information that might be contrary to his truth.

Second, to further exemplify the closed mind of the True Believer, who has already established the limits of any challenges to his truth, we discover that this same person decides to create “Wolf Week” in honor of his loving wolf; to educate people to the “truth” about wolves. But is the Wolf Week creator really interested in “educating” people about wolves, or is he more interested in drawing like-minded, non-thinking, brain dead people to HIS festival and keep it protected from anyone who might think otherwise?

The articles states: “During Wolf Week, Curran erected an arch at Bell’s Point that was two cedar poles topped with a huge howling wolf. The banner on the arch read “Respectable Strangers Are Welcome In This Town.”” 

It doesn’t require a Ph.D. to understand what Curran meant by offering a banner that read, “Respectable Strangers Are Welcome.” In other words, so long as you think and act like him and are a True Believer, eager and willing to discard all facts to follow the doctrine, presented as “truth,” you are welcome to his festival.

This kind of mind controlled ignorance about wolves was prominent in 1925 and today, we have regressed further and further into the abyss of clinging to the “truth” that fits the narrative of the True Believer. There is little hope for a bright future where only cultivated “truth” exists: and it exists because nobody wants to know the truth. It may be uncomfortable.

However, don’t think for a minute that this behavior is limited to those believing the wolf to be their god. Because this is a belief centered on politics and religion, automatically, due to brainwashing and mind control, an antithesis is established, functioning fully on a false paradigm of two sides. Nothing ever changes. One side or the other, disregarding all morals of decency and honesty, fall prey to the power of money and wealth, willing to bastardize anything normal and decent to prop up their truth, presenting it to an eager Press, seeking the establishment of credibility. Generally the one side with the most money and control over the Press, Science, Education and Politics, wins.

The result becomes, on one side we have tRUTH. On the other side, we have tRUTH. Stuck somewhere outside the realm of today’s controlling paradigms, populated with True Believers, is actual Truth.

But don’t go look!