September 27, 2023

Wolves Dying And Wolf Advocates In Emotional Pain

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We know how it feels, your pain.. We feel your pain. A wild wolf or wolves that you never knew, never bonded with is blown away.. We know your pain because we observed wolves slaughtering elk and deer all over the public lands around here. Leaving them laying many not even eaten off of.. We know how it feels. Pregnant cow elk having their calves ripped out of them. Baby elk calves run down and slaughtered.. We know how you feel.. Pregnant cow elk run until they abort their calf.. We know your pain.. Cattle run ragged, cows aborting calves, new calves slaughtered.. We know how you feel.. Horses run out of the pastures through those fences.. We know your pain.. Adult and Colt horses slaughtered right outside our doors.. We feel your pain.. Our friends and neighbors domestic dogs, goats, lama’s, chickens, miniature pony’s, turkey’s, mules, donkeys destroyed by wolves in one night.. twenty thirty or 170 sheep killed on various nights over the years.. We really really know your pain.. Because we know how it feels.. What we cannot understand is your intolerance of our pain..