February 5, 2023

The Fundy Gang Are Chickenshits

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Why don’t you anti legal government public lands leases dissident advocates go take over a lease allotment. Confiscate the cattle, run off the rancher, tear down the fences, and they have nice line shacks out there tear those down..Ruin the water resources by tearing down the distribution system, plug the wells, the springs..

Carry signs and dictionaries, I know you guys hate guns.. And demand new legislation recognize only your wants and needs over those other U.S. citizen cowboys because you hate  them and stuff.. We could call your gang the Fundy Gang. Because it might be fun watching you guys on the news…

The Bundy Gang was pretty boring and they made a lot of word and term mistakes.. I bet you guys would be more exciting.. The Fundy gang.. Maybe the FBI won’t show up..Come on chickens, you “own” 670 million acres get out there and defend it.. You want it all for your selfish selves well get after it.. We’re waiting.. Hey if one of you is shot dead by the law enforcement people we can name a wolf or a bear after you.. Heck they named a steer after Lavoy The “martyr” Finicum.. Maybe they’d name a mountain after the Funny as hell Fundy Gang.. Hey, we’re waiting!

To put it plainly in street language, are not these so-called anti ranching anti farming, anti hunting, anti wild carnivore management activists not the ‘weirdos’ that they are projecting others of being? I answer with a resounding YES, they are the ones who are crazy as shithouse rats. The Fundy Disnoid Gang.