September 24, 2023

The Ruin of Rome: Or, An Exposition – Book – 1798

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“They [the Jesuits] came out of the very mouth, the very heart and the very bowels of the Pope, and of the devil. . . . They [the Jesuits] will have the religion of Mohamet established to poison and plague all the East parts of the world in their souls [now also in the apostate, post-Reformation West]; and they will have the most huge, cruel, and savage armies of the Turks raised up [an Arab/Turkish Muslim world united by the Pope’s present Anglo-American-led Crusade (and for which reason the Pope disapproves of Turkey joining his European Union)], to murder and massacre millions of men in their bodies, in the West part of the world [the coming Sino- Soviet-Moslem Invasion of apostate Protestant North America].” {22) [Emphasis added]

Arthur Dent, 1798
Scottish Presbyterian Preacher
The Ruin of Rome: Or, An Exposition Upon the Whole Revelation

They come to bring you death.