February 1, 2023

A Brief Thought On Stupidity

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If everyone you’re against is very stupid, unscientific and as hateful as you claim they are how can you possibly even think you’re going to communicate anything to them that they will comprehend? You yourself would have to be relatively intelligent to realize these allegedly stupid unscientific and hateful people don’t realize they’re stupid people. So are you stupid or something because you should know you cannot fix stupid. What if you’re stupid too? If you’re stupid how can you possibly realize your own stupidity? Because again, you’d have to be relatively intelligent to know how stupid you are. And relatively stupid to think you can communicate with stupid people. You know whats really stupid? Everyone on these web site comment boxes yelling at one another about how wrong they are. And nobody likes to be told they’re wrong, including YOU, and all of these other stupid people. So again, are you sure you’re not stupid? Are you sure you’re immune to being deceived tricked delusional and under strong delusion? Are you sure?

There are liars all around us, except on your side of these issues. Are you sure? There are deceivers yelling from the 501c3 church pulpits. And there are deceivers yelling from the pulpits of scientism.. Are you sure you’re immune to all of the deceptions? If you cannot find your way out of that chaos then you really are stupid. Because that world system out there with its countless set of false of delusions is obvious. Those U.S. courts out there have a saying, in their records, that if you cannot represent yourself in their court system, speak their terminology at various levels of expert communication, then you need a representative to speak for you because you are illiterate. To be terms illiterate in the world of terms literacy is ignorant. They term it another way, especially when you use words to argue against their terms. They call that insanity.

Now on another note if all of your politicians who are lawyers are speaking in terms how is possible you are qualified to make a determination as to which one is the best  for us all? How can you possibly make a determination for yourself if they are being honest or dishonest. Shouldn’t the fact that they are  using terms to speak to people that have various levels of word comprehension raise your eyebrows a tad? Just the fact that they can do  this to you shows, and in their minds justifies that you’re incompetent thus they must make all of the decisions for all of you. If that works for you well I’m sorry but I think you’re stupid. Who in their right mind would keep falling for this trick over and over repeatedly for an entire lifetime? Only stupid people. or maybe the courts are right, insane people. Are you stuck within their systematized delusion? If so, they created it thus they also created your stupidity, your insanity. The best part of all of this is they tell you repeatedly all over the place what they’re doing because they’re mocking your stupidity and insanity. Now I’m going to cut you some slack and explain something to you, you’re not really stupid or insane, you’re simply ignorant of how you’re being abused. By them.. Not by me, by them.. But hey, they love the Stockholm Syndrome because that works for them as well. It should be emphasized that school books in particular are PROPAGANDA from inception to publishing and distribution. Spook business from top to bottom. Yeah they nailed us with their history tall tales too..

Insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results.

A “systematized delusion” is one based on a false premise, pursued by a logical process of reasoning to an insane conclusion ; there being one central delusion, around which other aberrations of the mind converge. Taylor v. McClintock, 112 S.W. 405, 412, 87 Ark. 243.

If you must be “re-presented” you must be insane since you can only be represented as such. Because, who in their RIGHT MIND would remain subject to a system of abuse and torture? Who would NOT be competent to administer their own affairs? Only the insane and incompetent.

If the entrenched power interests behind the its free public schools welfare “education” system did not want the “education” to be so bad, it would not be. Their is your insanity, the dumbing down of society for allegedly better management of society. Mental hospitals are for the ones that drool, crap their shorts and try to harm themselves or others..The first thing addressed in the US Code is the definition of insane people, otherwise known as Wards of the Court or Wards of the State. These are persons of unsound mind or minors who may not be able to speak for themselves. Thus, they need representation, be it a parent or guardian and in cases where the parents competence may be uncertain, representation can be in the form of a State appointed Attorney. Or in the case of government over a non-self-governing people, a Representative may be elected by those non-self-governing people to represent them. Insane people according to the U.S. Code, are also, legal terms illiterate thus they require someone who is legal terms literate at a high level to speak for them. Your society itself is a mental hospital.

If they dumbed down everyone that means everybody.. If only your “leaders” are terms literate it stands to reason that they would protect themselves by keeping societies they control – manage terms illiterate..

Those people doing this to anyone who they can attract dislike them. They hate us. I’ve been around some of them and they despise us. They mock you because you are not in on the scam they are victimizing you with. That and they feed off of their false sense of superiority and power over their victims. Plus they have a self preservation thing going on, they fear you in mass catching on to their game. Additionally the economy we all use was created and is managed by them. It’ll do whatever they want it t o do. And its a great distraction. Economies can be used as weapons.. YOU dear reader figure that out.

The object of the game is to discover the object of…. The Game being played all around us..

Deception Management.

Hate your neighbor love the Kings..

Not in their club? Then you are their enemy.