September 22, 2023

BDN An Obvious Mouthpiece For Fascist Bloomberg

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If one ever wondered on what ground the Bangor Daily News stands on and whether they would sail with or against the money and power of the fascists posing as leftists, simply read the newspaper’s editorial about Michael Bloomberg’s Question 3 – a referendum to destroy the rights of Maine people.

There is nothing so lazy and ignorant by any journalist, reader, researcher or editorial staff than copying and pasting information spoon fed them by political activists without verifying its factual content. It also lays bare their political bias and intent. The Bangor Daily News did not practice honest journalism, even in conducting an opinion piece, and even though we have known of the left bias of the BDN, it has become that much more obvious that real journalism takes a back seat to politics, especially those driven by the power and greed of a multi-billionaire.

Shame on the BDN for exposing themselves as biased and inept.