December 17, 2017

Howie Carr Is Deplorable

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What tiny bit of respect I had for Howie Carr, the two-faced, spiteful, hypocrite, disappeared the day I read one of his ignorant diatribes about how all hunters were lazy drunks. So, I guess one turn deserves another.

Carr was responding to comments made by insane Hillary when she called supporters of insane Trump, deplorable. His responses show his ignorance and lack of understanding of most of what he says. Attempting to be clever, he steals his approach from comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck if..” routine. Carr says you might be “deplorable if…”

Carr’s ignorance is representative of the right/left false paradigm that this entire country is insanely mired in. For instance, Carr says you might be deplorable if you stand for the National Anthem – of course intimating that if you don’t stand, exercising your right to free speech, you’re a supporter of insane Hillary. If you are “deplorable,” you support insane Trump. This, like so many other fake “conservatives” who don’t know which end is bored, shows the intolerant side they spend so much time dumping on the left about. They are all too stupid to even suspect anything about a person’s rights and how to exercise them.

The radio host also claims that if you say Merry Christmas, you are deplorable. Does that mean, in this man’s tiny little brain, that if you don’t say Merry Christmas, you automatically become an insane-Hillary supporter? What of the non Christians? Are fake rightists supposed to shit on anyone who ain’t a Christian that doesn’t celebrates Christmas? And what of those of us who understand that the Christmas holiday celebrated around the world is a pagan event rooted in the evil of Satan. I must be an insane-Hillary supporter then.

We also are told that if you are willing to show an ID before you vote, you are deplorable. Why should we have to show an ID? Why should we have to have a driver’s license, a birth certificate, an ID card, a Social Security card, a Medicare card, etc.? The only reason for having them is in order for centralized government to track us, tax us, and own us, like livestock – chattle. Maybe there are many non Hillary supporters and non Trump supporters who value real rights and freedom more than participating in the idiotic left/right model, but people like Howie Carr are full participants. To him those that aren’t are worth a spit in the middle of the sidewalk.

His idiocy continues. It’s nauseating. He’s nauseating. It’s not so much of what he says but what he implies. It is unfortunate, but expected from an insane person like Hillary, the murderer, Clinton to say rotten nasty things about other people. She hates herself, and justly she should, and thus she hates everyone else. Obama is the master at vial, divisive filth that pours from his mouth. And I understand the bigger point of what Carr is attempting to do. The problem is, he, like millions and millions of others, are clueless. They do not understand their own servitude to the masters of deception, the cheaters, the thieves, the murderers. These rulers of dark places created the fake left/right standard. You accepted it and cemented it firmly into our culture. Now it’s all you know. You are bound and chained by it. There is nothing else that exists to you that isn’t left or right. And you can’t see it. You don’t want to see it. You love your servitude and the hate these evil rulers have caused, you to be a part of.

Come out of her!

While most readers will find entertainment in the tit for tat that Howie Carr embellishes, few understand what is really going on.


  • RattlerRider

    I’d put his real name Yehushua where it goes and the {Jew} are the Edomites where it goes..

    ancient Palestine the Jews worked hand in hand with the Romans
    crucify Christ. Now, the Jews work hand
    glove with the Roman Catholic Church in their effort to
    Christ’s gospel. The great harlot of Babylon in Revelation
    17:5 has Mystery written upon her forehead. She is called Babylon
    because she is Babylonian. She is a mystery because she
    as “the” Christian religion. Christian labels
    have been applied
    to Babylonian paganism to come up with the mystery
    religion we know
    as the Roman Catholic Church. Both the Talmudic Jews and the
    Vatican share that common Babylonian root. The
    nurtured the Babylonian Cabalism in Roman Catholic doctrine.
    similarities between the imperious whorish woman in Ezekiel
    and the Mother of Harlots in Revelation 17:5 are
    They are one and the same. Roman Catholicism is an
    version of Babylonian Judaism. The Roman Church appears gentile
    the uninitiated, but it is Jewish to its core.
    Judaism appears to the uninitiated to be the Old
    Testament theology,
    but it is actually Babylonian to its core.”—page 50-51 Edward Hendrie book: “Solving the Mystery of BABYLON
    The GREAT Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the Vatican”

    • alrem

      From Synagogue to Vatican. The description says read me!

      Was just handed a book – Who Wrote the Bible? (Richard Elliott Friedman)

      I suspect what it will (think to) say. The boasting Acknowledgements give it away but I’ll attempt it and observe it’s delusions. Unless I”m wrong; wouldn’t be the first time!