November 28, 2023

Immer Treue Soundly Defeats Me In Open And Short Discussion

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“Same old ten gallon {hat} with an answer/opinion/assumption for everything under the sun and moon.”—Immer Treue



Whooped me good.

To funny. It’s all good when they do it..

If we told these people our lawn is 2 inches after mowing it they’d say it’s three inches. If we told them our horse weighed 1250 pounds they’d argue it weighs more or less. Our eyes in our immediate environment don’t know what they’re telling us according to them so we need them from thousands of miles away to deny to us what we’re telling them our eyes told us.. Oh gosh and when the evidence out west doesn’t jive with their false narrative about the west its whimper and snivel snarky insult time and I ain’t gonna talk to you no more..


Bring on the donkey..