September 28, 2023

How Much “Sacrifice” of “Liberties” is Too Much?

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*Editor’s Note* – This is another example of the revelation to fascists and totalitarians as to the willingness to cede rights that some clown deems reasonable. I’ve written before that Maine’s Question 3 is, in fact, a referendum by the gun stealing lobby to determine how much Mainer’s are willing to give up, in order to keep some. Not so bright totalitarians have tried twice, unsuccessfully, we think, to ban bear baiting, hounding and trapping. But what have they learned? I’ll let you decide that. In their greed, they lost twice. They lost patience and perhaps for a good reason. They should have learned what Mainers are willing to give up in order to keep some of their bear hunting wishes. It’s no difference with guns and gun rights. Bloomberg and his coagulation of fools should be learning just how much of the Second Amendment – that amendment that offers no variations or concessions to practice – Mainers are willing to give up to keep some.

It always appears that in attempts to, not support the Second Amendment, but oppose those who hate it, perhaps in efforts to appear nice and reasonable, too often we read and hear their self-perceived reasonableness in restricting the Second Amendment. Is the same amount of reasonableness afforded other items on the Bill of Rights? This is the valuable information fascists like Bloomberg need to take into the next round. Instead of suggesting there is no need for “universal background checks” and that this proposal is complicated and unenforceable, why not a stand against background checks? We know they don’t work and what other constitutional right do we have to undergo a centralized government background check in order to exercise that right?

Instead, we compromise and will continue to compromise until there is essentially nothing left. In mathematics, if you keep halving a number, you never reach zero. However, if you take a perfectly good length of rope, a tool with many uses, and keep cutting it in half, eventually you end up with nothing worth keeping.

If you believe in your right to self protection and that you should have the choice to decide how you want to do that, then there is no need to be apologizing or seeking compromise.

“As a nation, we’ve already sacrificed too many liberties in the name of security to reasonably expect either. Mainers shouldn’t be willing to sacrifice any more of our liberties in the name of our own security, let alone to possibly, slightly increase the security of other people who are already pretty secure.”<<<Read More>>>