March 21, 2023

Environmental Clique Eugenics Agenda Wears NO Clothes

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They and their false earth salvation paradigm cannot hide from the fact that they are eugenics advocacy groups not environmentalists..Promoting economic strife, scarcity, is advocating for depopulation of people. many of them openly admitting they want their opposition, us, who use the resources for life, removed, exterminated. And their WLNs cohorts never condemn such outbursts.







The Iron Mountain Report is logical, if unwelcome, examination of the desirability of world peace. The conclusion is certainly debatable, but the logic is very clear and thorough. Conclusion: world peace is not in the best interests of a stable society, even if (doubtful) it could somehow be attained. And of course is connected to the UNEP Limits To Growth Our Global Neighborhood Earth Summit Agenda 2100 The First “Global” Revolution Agenda in play. Because Worldwide Peace through these means is the extermination of mankind. So these groups advocating for these principles are advocating for their own demise. And of course their neighbors. The nature can be at peace once mankind has been extinguished. Of course those implementing this think they get to stick around and observe their return to Genesis, or Eden..



Endless war.