November 21, 2017

What Slick Willy and “W” Started, Barry Finished

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You figure it out. If you ain’t smart enough, you’ll just keep on doing what you been doing.

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  • RattlerRider

    That should be federal slave debt because it is not really federal government debt as the federal governments economic value is not in the red. It is the subjects economy that is in the red. They trade in real commodities while the subjects economy is a debt economy. They can shut parts of the fake economy down and cause depopulation. And nobody really notices whats going on. Who keeps telling us there is a population explosion? By their estimates? The United Nations. I think its BS. Yet they have most people believing that fairy tale. UNEP, UNESCO. Agenda 2100.. Global Biodiversity Assessment Hocus Pocus.. The Synagogue of Satan Death Cult. Just more of their lies.. “Their” resources control is just their resources bank account.. Plantation economics in play, to many cows grazing off the goods..