January 29, 2023

Animal Rights You Say

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People that want rights for animals don’t really want rights for animals they want rights for their emotional problems. If animals are given rights then how do these activists propose mankind get animals to respect other animals rights. Especially when these activists cannot respect the rights of people that either agree with or disagree with what it is they think they want. If mankind were to give animals rights then all animals that violate other animals rights must be prosecuted. Like me, since In your minds I am an animal when any animal damages me or my property I want my rights upheld so the animal must be prosecuted. In the case of  the wolf chewing up my horse a bullet is prosecution. Same as a bullet for a terrorist is justified prosecution. Warfare against ones enemies is justified prosecution. According to the legalese of man.. Are you sure you want animals rights? End wild animal management and even domestic animals management and conflicts over rights will increase. So nothing will change. We already have domestic animal prisons all over the country. And we have zoos.  When you animals rights dummies get the animals to stop damaging each other, and the property of mankind then I’ll buy into your animal rights bullshit.  In the meantime I’m going to eat wildlife, because wildlife sees nothing wrong with that. Because wildlife eats wildlife. I agree with wildlife, wildlife is damn tasty stuff. Yum yum..