September 23, 2023

SAM Exposes More of Who’s Supporting Question 3

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According to an article, Online, at the Boothbay Register, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine executive director, David Trahan, further exposes the dishonesty and cover-up of those funding and supporting Question 3, worded as implementing “universal” background checks.

“Trahan criticized Yes on 3’s media campaign as being “distortions and paid for by out-of-state money.” One endorsement features Bobby Reynolds, a Maine resident, identifying himself as a gun owner and Second Amendment supporter.” What Reynolds doesn’t say, according to Trahan, is he works for Maine Street Solutions, a Washington, D.C. firm being paid by “Yes on 3.”

Another endorsement features two police chiefs: Michael Sauschuck of Portland and Ed Googins of South Portland. The two are members of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, which supports the referendum. Trahan said the two aren’t telling the entire story. Both are also Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence board members. Trahan described the organization as “the state’s most anti-gun coalition” favoring every gun control measure proposed in Maine.”

There’s also some good, but mostly bad, found at the end of the article when Trahan said, “if the referendum is approved it wouldn’t stand in the current form. Trahan promised to work with the legislature in January making the law “more workable and livable” for lawful gun owners.”

While there may exist a certain degree of comfort and gratitude that efforts would be carried out to tone down a fascist law, the ultimate crime is the further destruction of the Second Amendment – a Bill of Rights amendment that the majority of Americans disrespect at some level, from “reasonable” limitations to an all out repeal of the government-granted right.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote on Question 3, it’s yet simply another sad day in America as blinded fools dig their own graves of slavery and servitude and, yet, have no clue to it. Sad.