February 7, 2023

How I’ve Hunted For 45 Years

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In the zones I hunt there are high places where I set up and glass using spotting scopes and binoculars. For years I went to these places and located elk or deer and then put together a plan of action, to stock and get within range of the elk or deer. Doing this over the years I successfully put over twenty elk and twenty deer into the freezer. I like hunting like this because I don’t waste my time climbing all over the place trying to get lucky by stumbling into an elk or deer.  Some other things have changed as well. No cow tags. Or no brow tine bulls. Or Brow tine bulls only. Or Spikes only.  So now I’m not just looking for an elk I’m looking for a specific elk that fits the tag requirements. So another elk season passes and the freezer is still empty. Hunting in Idaho is ruined. There isn’t the opening day push anymore either. I rarely meet anyone I know that has had any success. I know of one elk and two deer taken in the circle of hunters I know. There is certainly less hunter traffic on public lands as well. Due in part to less elk tags offered. And due in part to people tired of hunting in Idaho. I’ve been horse backing and walking across some migration routes looking for signs of migrating elk and deer and nothing.  I did see twenty elk on public lands between August 15th and today, November 8th.. And ten or fifteen deer. Now on the private ag lands I’ve seen entire herds of elk.  Not only is this country no longer the land of opportunity it is also no longer the land of plenty. Scarcity is in abundance here.. Idaho is a predator pit. And you know what? The water is plentiful and the habitat is plentiful out there. So when the predator’s aren’t the problem people start saying well its habitat, climate change, and various other causes in their defense of the predators what they’ve actually done by opining for predator preservation is actually a justification for increased predator take.