November 28, 2022

Can You Spell Rebellion?

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I love when these Knowitallists contradict themselves.. Actually considering secession over this obvious selection. These guys are ticked off because the electoral college ignored their popular opinion and selected Don Trump… Why would allegedly educated and intelligent people participate in these obvious fake elections that in reality have always been selections. Ah, so now the forming of a second confederacy of rebels is enticing even to this leftist statist.. Maybe Ferris could be the executive director of the new musical called Trixie once known as the rebel song Dixie..

“Okay this is interesting, but what if we take it farther? I think that we have a reason to think that Washington and Oregon would fit nicely into this model, but we should probably also add Hawaii too with future plans to annex New York and Vermont. Yeah that is it.”—Bob Ferris

Tech founders want California to secede
Some big names in Silicon Valley have a simple message after Donald Trump’s victory: We want out.

Ferris was;

Former Executive Director at Cascadia Wildlands

Former Executive Director at RE Sources for Sustainable Communities

Former Interim Executive Director at Center for a New American Dream

Former Executive Director at Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Former Executive Director at Community Environmental Council (CEC)

Former Vice President (United States) at Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Former Vice President Species Conservation at Defenders of Wildlife

Former Director, Field Programs at Wildlife Habitat Council

Studied Biology at UC Santa Cruz

Studied Zoology at San Jose State University

Studied Biology and Environmental Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz

Went to Chester F. Awalt High School

Went to Los Altos High School

Lives in Eugene, Oregon

Married to Carlene Marie Ramus who is an Architect..

Oh the irony…

An impressive resume of indoctrination. Training. Automaton-ism..

The guys a robot.