September 27, 2023

There is Insanity All Around Me, But I am Not Insane

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Shamelessly I must confess that last evening I was watching old reruns of Star Trek on TV. The one I watched was titled, “Frame of Mind.” I’ll skip the morbid and ridiculous details of the how and why and focus on what prompted me to share my observations.

The actor, playing an officer on board the Starship Enterprise, had been chosen to play a part in a play on board the ship. In one scene he is talking with an actor doctor. It doesn’t take long to realize that his role was of a mentally ill patient. At a point in his lines he speaks very loudly and says, “…there is insanity all around me, but I’m not insane!”

I can relate to that, however, if one is insane but doesn’t recognize their own insanity, then who is insane? I feel constantly that insanity is all around me, and that I am not insane – I know I am not insane. But, if those who are insane, and don’t know they are insane, i.e. when insanity becomes sanity and vice-versa, then to them, I become the insane. Which is….insane.

Do you know whether you are sane or not? And what is your barometer in making your determination?