January 31, 2023

The Latest Jesus Christ Superstar

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The New Hope and Change Messiah.. The new boss same as the old boss routine.. It’s fascinating watching these con artists repeatedly pull this scam off.

33rd Degree Scottish-Rite Freemason Donald Trump has been selected to be the Vatican’s president/Commander-in-chief of the United States of America, Rome’s de facto, “14th Amendment, Holy Roman, socialist-communist, corporate-fascist American Empire in place since March 9, 1933. {Legal documents prove in place since 1783- but don’t go validate it} Again, we must accept the fact that Jewish Freemason Bernie Sanders, White Gentile Eastern Star Hillary Clinton, and White Gentile Scottish-Rite Freemason Donald Trump ALL WORKED TOGETHER to put Trump into the White House.  If the reader does not understand this “design” (as the word is used in America’s glorious “Declaration of Independence”), then he will never comprehend how the pope’s Anglo-American, International White Power Structure functions.  It appears to your editor that a decision was made a few days before “election day” to put Trump in office after Hillary became too tainted with irrefutable scandals which, if investigated, could have resulted in her impeachment (i.e., Bill Clinton), removal (i.e., John Kennedy) and/or resignation (i.e., Richard Nixon) from office.  That’s OK though!  Recently elected Black Pope, Arturo Sosa, controlled both “horses” and therefore always wins in EVERY PRESIDENTIAL SELECTION since the assassination of John F. Kennedy overseen by Jesuit-directed CIA/FBI/ONI/DIA/NSA/CFR/NOI/KKK/Freemasonic soldiers of New York City Archbishop Francis Cardinal Spellman—”The American Pope.”
The imposition of “New Right” Jesuit Fascism in America (and Canada) is ahead of schedule.  Your editor stated in his tome, Vatican Assassins” “Wounded In The House Of My Friends“ first released in 2001, the Jesuit “Company” would impose “New Right” Socialist/Cartel-Capitalist Fascism using a man who would be a White Gentile, an “Alpha Male” with tested leadership abilities, a high-level Scottish-Rite Freemason and an apostate Protestant so as to conceal “the Black Hand” of the Jesuit papacy’s secret rule of its American dictator.  Donald Trump possesses all those qualities.{Joe Biden ALSO possesses all of those qualities}  The question is: “Will Trump do all the great, truly nationalistic things he has promised, or will he further the same internationalist, socialist agenda pursued by previous Republican administrations?”  This is the proverbial “sixty-four thousand dollar question.”—Eric Jon Phelps – Sunday, 13 November 2016

So one guy, one allegedly not one of the guys gets this job and is going to unravel 100 years worth of International Legalese setting up this One World Government Agenda? So he’s gonna take a bullet for all of you that believed his lies? Or he’ll throw down some of the Leftist nonsense that enraged everyone such as the Obama Health Care BS which will satisfy the dumbs and he’ll keep on moving towards the International End Game of all Nationalism.. One King to rule them all, to bind them.. Sorry folks, the destruction of freewill continues unabated..

For my friends that don’t read much.. That don’t comprehend the Hegelian Dialectical being used on them. Including disguises..

Everything is auto magically gonna be fixed by their latest political prop!