November 27, 2022

Is It Possible MDIFW Will Actually Do Something About Reducing Bear Population?

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This just might be so! According to George Smith, the group that is working on devising game management plans for bear, deer, moose and turkeys, voted, in a split vote, to consider implementation of a Spring bear hunt.

As the old Maine saying goes, “Hahd tellin not knowin,” the Smith article mentions no other options than a Spring bear hunt for the purpose of reducing bear numbers. I have been calling for real action for some time now to reduce the bear populations, especially in areas were the deer herd is suffering, in order to give the herd a kick start.

Crickets! But excuses.

In this article, in discussing the ups and downs of a Spring hunt, head of the Maine Guides said, “…guides and sporting camps felt they would not get more hunters, but their expenses would increase in order to offer both spring and fall hunts.”

I don’t like that the Maine Guides wield so much power and control over the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDFIW) but I do want them to be able to take full advantage of the cards they are dealt…just like the rest of us. Therefore, I’ll repeat what I have said before. There has been so much negative press on a Spring bear hunt, and if it is true that the Maine Guides wouldn’t benefit the most from a Spring hunt, then why not double up the bear bag limit, for a season or two, for the late Summer, early Fall hunt? Aren’t there things MDIFW can do within the scope of a Fall bear hunt that will both reduce the bear population AND accommodate the guides and camp owners? – lengthen the season, increase the bag limit, gag some environmentalists, etc.

At least it appears suggestions are being made and seriously considered for doing something about getting the bear population under better control, while at the same time maybe helping out the deer herd.

Way to go! Don’t stop now!